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AEW Rampage Live Results (08/05/2022)

The show begins with Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone greeting audiences at home. Jon Moxley comes to the ring as William Regal joins commentary before we get a video from Mance Warner. He says that Moxley will have to fight him and says he will become the man. He heads down to the ring.

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Mance Warner in a AEW Interim World Title Eliminator Match

Moxley meets Warner on the entrance ramp and tosses him into the barricade. Warner delivers a chop to Moxley and tosses him into the ring to officially begin the match. Warner sends Moxley into the barricade before Moxley fires back with a snap suplex on the outside. The two men then exchange chops before Warner delivers an atomic drop on the barricade.

The two men get back into the ring before Warner delivers several chops to Moxley before Moxley fires back with several of his own. Moxley hits a drop kick on Warner’s leg before locking in the Figure Four Lock. Warner delivers an eye poke to escape. Warner sends Moxley to the outside and the referee starts the ten count. Moxley manages to beat it and get in the ring before Warner kicks him down and locks in a Figure Four. Moxley escapes as Warner delivers a chop block. Warner attacks Moxley’s shin before delivering a right head to Moxley’s head. Moxley fires back with a couple chops before Warner hits a spine buster. Warner goes for a pin, but Moxley escapes. Moxley gives Warner the middle finger, but Warner delivers a right hand.

Warner heads to the outside to retrieve something from under the ring: two chairs. Warner goes to hit Moxley, but Moxley hits him with a right hand on the chair and knocks Warner tot he outside. Moxley hits a taupe suicida before delivering a lariat in the corner. He gets Warner up to the top rope before hitting a superplex. Moxley delivers a hammer and anvil before biting Warner. Warner fires back with a clothesline, but Moxley manages to hit a pile driver followed by several stomps. He gets Warner in a chokehold before Warner fades.

Winner: Jon Moxley

We head backstage to Lexy Nair and Ricky Starks after “Dynamite”. QT Marshall walks in and says Hobbs has taken him out the last two weeks. He says he can offer him protection, but Starks declines and tells him to kiss his a**.

Back from the break, Konosuke Takeshita comes to the ring, with Ryan Nemeth already waiting inside.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Ryan Nemeth (w/ “Pretty” Peter Avalon)

The bell rings an Takeshita goes right for Nemeth with several right hands and the Takeshita line. He delivers a big boot to Nemeth before reigning down ten right hands. Takeshita goes off the ropes, but Avalon grabs his boot too trip him, which Nemeth to hit a few knees and a boot. Takeshita hits the Blue Thunder Bomb, followed by the Jumping Knee for the win.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

After the match, Avalon tries to attack Takeshita, but Takeshita hits him with a Jumping Knee.

We head to a video from last week with Lexy Nair, Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends following Cassidy’s injury at the hands of Jay Lethal. They say that they aren’t in the top rankings, so something needs to change. They decide they’re going after the Trios Championships and out their hands in before a fourth hand appears out of nowhere: Dr. Danhausen.

Back at ringside, Madison Rayne comes down, followed by Leila Grey and Stokley Hathaway.

Madison Rayne vs. Leila Grey (w/ Stokley Hathaway)

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before Rayne delivers a backslide. Grey kicks out and Rayne delivers an arm drag. She delivers a second one to Grey before Grey sends her into the corner. Grey sends Rayne outside the the before following her. She delivers a chop followed by a suplex. Grey delivers a kick to Rayne’s chest. Grey sends Rayne into the barricade before gloating.

Grey tosses Rayne back into the ring, then goes for a pin but Rayne kicks out. Rayne hits a jaw breaker, followed by an insiguri. She hits a few chops on Grey, before delivering a knee to her head and a Northern Lights Suplex. She goes for a pin but Grey kicks out. Grey delivers a sit out side slam, then goes for a pin but Rayne kicks out. Rayne and Grey exchange forearms before Rayne hits a sliding lariat, followed by the Cross Rayne for the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne

After the match, Jade Cargill comes to the ring with a mic in hand. She says she should’ve handled her on her own. She says she’s big on charity and has an open challenge at Quake at the Lake. Cargill says she would love for Rayne to be her opponent and tells her to take a couple days off. Kiera Hogan tries to attack Rayne from behind, but Rayne hits her with a Cross Rayne instead.

We then get a video package hyping up the Tornado Tag Team match at Quake at the Lake. Alex Abrahantes says they want the match Lucha rules.

Back from the break, commentary run down the Battle of the Belts card, followed by the Quake at the Lake card. Tony Nese, Josh Woods and Mark Sterling come to the ring, followed by Swerve In Our Glory.

Swerve In Our Glory (Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland) vs. Josh Woods and Tony Nese in a Friday Night Street Fight

The bell rings as Swerve and Woods begin to brawl on the outside. Lee tosses Nese into the barricade as Woods does the same to Swerve. Woods and Lee come face to face. Woods tries to hit Lee with forearms, but Lee no sells it and hits him with a double chop. Swerve sends Nese into a chair with a drop two hold before helping Lee beat down Woods. Nese gets up and throws protein powder in Lee’s face. He gloats before Swerve kicks it into Nese’s face. He sends Nese into the ring steps before pulling out a tool box. He throws it a Nese’s head before Woods takes down Swerve from behind. Swerve sends Woods into the ring steps as Nese hits Lee in the head with the tool box. Woods sends Swerve into the ring steps. Nese throws a trash can into the ring, followed by a second one. He sets one up into the corner of the ringas Woods assaults Lee with a garbage can of his own on the outside. Swerve goes face first into the can before Nese suplexes him on the lid.

A table has been set up on the outside as Nese looks to send Swerve on it. Swerve prevents that as Woods tosses Lee into the ring. The two beat down Swerve and Lee before Nese gets Swerve on the apron near the table. Woods joins in and beats Swerve down with some forearms. Nese and Woods look for a power bomb through the table, but Swerve escapes. Lee drags Woods off the apron before Nese delivers a kick to Swerve’s head. Lee delivers a shoulder tackle to Nese followed by a clothesline to Woods. He tosses Nese into Woods. He goes off the ropes, but Sterling hits Lee with a chair. Lee grabs the chair as Nese and Woods kick Lee before delivering a double DDT. They go for a double pin, but Swerve breaks it up with a 450 off the top.

Sterling tosses a table into the ring and Nese sets it up. Swerve hits Nese with a knee to his jaw, but Sterling hits Swerve with a wrench in the back of his head. Sterling directs Woods to get Swerve on the table, but Lee drags him out of the ring. Nese looks for a double stomp on Lee, but Lee delivers a head butt. Sterling climbs to the top rope, but Lee grabs his boot and sends him straight through the table. Woods looks to deliver a German suplex to Lee through the table on the outside, but Lee holds on to the ropes. Nese delivers a super kick, allowing Woods to deliver the German suplex through the table. Back in the ring, Swerve manages to hit the Swerve Stomp for the win.

Winners: Swerve In Our Glory


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