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AEW Revolution Live Results

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Tony Schiavone is backstage with SCU before they are set to take on Dark Order. Christopher Daniels is fired up for the team, but Scorpio Sky thinks it’s best for Daniels to stay back as they handle matters. Daniels is apprehensive at first, but relents and let’s Frankie Kazarian and Sky to it. Certainly some trust issues brewing.


SCU vs. Dark Order

Kazarian and Stu Grayson start things off as The Dark Order have their followers at ringside. Matters go onto the outside as Evil Uno and Grayson cut the ring off for Kaz. “Spooky Perverts” chants break out. Kaz is spending a long time in the ring as Grayson grounds him with a headlock.

Kaz elbows free, but flying elbow puts Kaz down. It’s awhile before Kaz makes the hot tag to Sky but once he does he goes all out on Grayson and Uno. Tags get exchanged and once Scorpio gets back in action, The Dark Order begins to dominate. Scorpion onto Scorpio but he kicks out at two. Dark Order later go for a Fatality, but Sky wriggles free and monkey flips Kaz into a double clothesline, but The Dark Order soon flip Sky up for the win.

WINNERS: Dark Order

Post-match, the minions of Dark Order gang up on SCU, but Colt Cabana comes out to a big reaction. He evens the playing field for a bit, but The Dark Order gang up on all of them and the numbers game is too much. The DO suddenly stop and out comes a cloaked individual and it appears to be The Exalted One. He disrobes and it’s Daniels. He charges the ring and begins to attack The Dark Order. Daniels hits an Angels Wings on Alex Reynolds and all four of them celebrate. Kaz and Sky are shown apologizing to Daniels.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

Dustin enters with QT Marshall and the two embrace before QT heads to the back. Dustin has a new makeup style that’s kind of akin to The Fiend mouth. Hager comes out and he and his wife basically make out before he steps on the canvas.

Bell rings and the two go back and forth before Hager hits a belly-to-back suplex. He slugs at Dustin in the corner with some hard rights to the mid-section, but Dustin sends him onto the outside and the two begin to brawl in the crowd. Dustin begins working on the arm of Hager. He gets back in the ring in time just to break the count. Dustin continues the outside assault, but another belly-to-back on the apron of the ring before he charges at Dustin with a hard clothesline.

Hager takes control of the match. Dustin gets the crowd behind him and begins to jab at Jake, but Hager sends him onto the outside. As Hager sends Dustin back in, Dustin knocks him down on the apron and the two brawl on the outside. Jake goes back to his wife as she pep talks her man. Dustin comes over after sending Jake into the barricade and lays one on Hager’s wife. Dustin takes control back in the ring and delivers one crisp powerslam for a two count. Jake soon goes for a Vader Bomb, but Dustin thwarts his efforts. Big slam by Hager gets Dustin down and then successfully lands his Vader Bomb on try number two. Repeated charging clotheslines in the corner by Hager. Jake hits his gutwrench powerbomb and a lackadaisical pin has Dustin kicking out at two.

Hager has Dustin in the corner, but Dustin flips him over the turnbuckle, sending him crashing into the steel steps. Dustin follows Jake back into the ring and strikes Hager in the corner. Dustin goes for the Shattered Dreams but catches Jake with a kick before hit a code red. Two count. Dustin locks in a cross armbreaker and has it cinched, but Hager rolls it into his ankle-lock. It looks like Dustin make tap but he gets to the corner and Hager almost crashes into referee Edwards. Edwards gathers herself, but as she does Jake knees Dustin in the groin and locks in a standing chokehold. Dustin passes out and Aubrey calls for the bell.

WINNER: Jake Hager

Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin

Darby immediately starts matters off by diving onto Sammy who is standing on the outside. The chaos keeps going as Jurassic Express are sitting ringside. Darby hangs Guevara on the barricade and goes for a tope dive but his foot catches the rope and doesn’t get all of the collision. Sammy introduces a table and sets it up on the outside. The bell has not rang it. Sammy puts Darby on the table and climbs the turnbuckle. Guevara hits a 630 senton onto Allin through the table. Sammy rolls back into the ring and exclaims that Darby won’t make it to the canvas. Darby proves him wrong, the bell rings and a running strike knocks Darby down. Very near fall almost immediately.

Darby soon locks Sammy in a modified Gordy Special and bites the hand of Sammy before rolling it into a Fujiwa armbar. Heck of a submission. Action goes onto the apron and Sammy foot stomps Darby flat on his back, on the hard apron. Darby soon hits a running Code Red for a very near fall. Action goes to the top rope and Sammy slams Darby down with a Spanish Fly. Another near fall, but Darby hangs on. Sammy exposes the turnbuckle, but Darby catapults Sammy into the metal ring. He smacks Sammy with a flip-over stunner before landing one very long Coffin Drop for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Darby Allin

AEW World Tag Team Championship The Young Bucks vs. Adam “Hangman” Page & Kenny Omega (c)

Page enters after The Young Bucks and begins jaw jacking with the two brothers. Very mixed reaction for Matt & Nick leaning on the side of boos.

Big “Cowboy Shit” chants. Kenny and Nick start things off. The two lock up. Arm wrench by Kenny. Crowd very into this super early. Very fast paced action by Nick and Kenny. Just a super quick sequence that ends in a hand slap of respect between the two. Page gets tagged in and so does Matt. The two grapple on the Matt, get to a vertical base and the crowd cheers. Matt goes for a handshake, but Hangman spits in the face of his friend. Matt tackles and begins railing away on Adam. Crowd really behind Hangman. Matt shoves Kenny off and Nick tries to settle his brother down. Hard hit by Adam on Nick, but Nick returns with a savate kick. Bucks corner Hangman with a double team neckbreaker, knocks Kenny off the apron and then a double twisting neckbreaker on Page to cement control.

Page later regains control and begins feeding the knees. Hangman harshly tags in Kenny and exchanges some words as Kenny gives him a look. Page soon looks to be aiming to drive Matt onto the ring bell on the outside, but Kenny stops it and gets the action back into the squared circle. Page and Kenny work on Matt’s back, but Matt double overhead throws his opponents. Nick gets tagged and takes it too both Page and Kenny. It includes a top rope armdrag onto Page and flips it into a hurricanrana on Kenny.  Moonsault onto the outside. Nick is on fire. He soon locks on the sharpshooter to Kenny. Kenny soon goes for his Terminator dive onto the outside but receives a kick to the gut for his efforts. Two count.

Matt becomes the legal man as Kenny struggles to reach Page. Matt instigates Adam and Nick runs over to pull Page off the apron. Matt hits a piledriver on Kenny for a close fall. Tag into Nick. Page gets the crowd behind him as Nick tries to keep Kenny grounded, but Kenny nails Nick with a Sky High. Tag to Hangman who slugs both Bucks down. Knocks Nick down with a clothesline on the apron before doing some “Cowboy Shit” to both brothers. Chicago digs it. Kenny is still down in the corner, but Page sends the brothers onto the outside once more before delivering his signature moonsault onto the outside.

Action goes back to the inside and Adam lariats Nick down. He shoves Nick into Matt’s corner, wanting the older brother in the ring. Slugfest between Page and Matt. Matt cross chops Hangman and comes charging but Page boots him down. Kenny gets the tag and the two double team Matt with a modified belly to back. Doctor bomb by Kenny for two. Kenny tags Page back in and it’s not long before Matt reaches Nick. Super kick by Nick onto Kenny and soon vaults himself onto Hangman from the entryway with a Canadian Destroyer for a close pin. The Bucks later pull a page out of the Motor City Machine Guns’ book for a double team onto Page but Page soon regains composure and locks in a crossface chicken wing on Matt. Matt reverses himself free and Nick immediately nails Page with a 450 splash. Two count.

The Bucks go for a Bang For Your Buck, but Matt’s back gives out and Kenny hits a green overalls double team. Another V-Trigger double team for a near fall. Kenny later smacks both Bucks with a V-trigger and then two dragon suplexes onto Nick Jackson before hitting a Tiger Driver ’98. Nick kicks out. Kenny sends Nick into the corner and hoists him up in a top rope electric chair drop but Nick turns it into a reverse hurricanrana. Matt then catches Page on the entryway for his three northern lights suplexes. Crowd is eating it up. Matt tells Nick to get his ass up and sets Hangman up for an Indy Taker on the ramp. They nail it and the crowd really boos The Bucks. They trade superkicks onto Kenny in the ring. They nail a double V-Trigger on Kenny, but he kicks out at one. HUGE POP. Kenny asks for it again and they oblige. Two count. Crowd chants for Omega.

They focus on Kenny’s bandaged shoulder to more boos. Matt’s hands are shaking with anger. Matt sets Kenny up for a Meltzer Driver but Hangman pulls Nick off the apron and powerbombs him through the ringside table. Page and Omega hit their finisher double team, but somehow Matt kicks out. Omega goes for a One-Winged Angel, but Matt wriggles free because of Kenny’s bad shoulder. Kenny tags in Page who executes a One-Winged Angel  of his own but Nick breaks it up. Hangman then hits his Buckshot Lariat on Nick  before doing the same to Matt in the ring for the win.

WINNERS and STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: Adam Page & Kenny Omega

Post-match, The Bucks look to make amends and seem to with Kenny. Page is hesitant and thinks long before going onto the apron. He teases a Buckshot Lariat onto Kenny who turns around, but then opens the rope for his partner to walk out.

AEW Women’s World Championship Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose (c)

Bell rings the two size one another up with a collar and elbow. Kris corners Nyla and as Kris releases, Nyla locks in a side headlock. Kris later goes for a step over enziguri, misses, but still grounds Nyla to hit a flipping senton. Action goes to the apron and Statlander springboards, but Nyla elbows her onto the entryway. Kris finds herself back in the ring soon after and goes to spear Nyla through the ropes and on the entryway but Rose moves and KS crashes on the ramp. The roles are reversed and spears KS in the ring, but doesn’t get all of the pin.

Nyla body slams Kris in the corner who rolls onto the outside. Bryce Remsberg begins the ten count. KS rolls in at 7. Kris feeds some elbows to Nyla before later hitting a standing sidekick on the Native Beast. Both women crash to the mat and Bryce starts his in-ring ten count. Both get vertical and KS slugs away at Nyla before nailing an enziguri. Nyla goes to the outside, but Kris stuns Rose with two topes. Shotgun dropkick by KS, but the power and strength of Rose becomes to much as she gains control on KS. Rose dangles KS over the top rope and she climbs the top rope, but KS handstands her way free before taunting Rose. KS hits a kick on Nyla, boops her and gets a close fall.

Nyla later locks in an STF and KS fights her way to the ropes. Nyla drags her back center ring. Rose releases and goes for a splash but KS gets her knees up. Nyla hits a Beast Bomb, but only a two count. The two find themselves on the top rope. KS hits an avalanche brainbuster and gets a two count. KS mounts on top of Rose for punches, Bryce pulls her off and Rose boots her down. Statlander takes Nyla up top once more. She goes for a hurricanrana but Nyla catches her for an Avalanche Beast Bomb for the three count.

WINNER and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Nyla Rose

MJF (w/ Wardlow) vs. Cody (w/ Arn Anderson & Brandi Rhodes)

Downstate is legitimately there to play Cody to the ring as he comes in tow with his Nightmare Family. Cody has a new neck tattoo representing said family. Bell rings and Cody comes charging. MJF quickly goes for a powder. “F ‘Em Up Cody” chant. Cody goes for a Cody Cutter but once more MJF bails. He goes into the crowd and eggs Cody to join him. Arn talks him down and Cody obliges. MJF tosses a beer at a fan (holy smokes). Cody patiently waits. MJF slides back into the ring and Cody attacks but the two exchange punches. Cody with his Rhodes uppercut and then hits Max with a Cody Cutter for a two count. MJF is on the entryway and jogs all the way down the tunnel to come back and clothesline MJF back into the ring. Two count.

Cody flips over MJF for a sunset pinfall, two count. Cody catches the leg of MJF, gets flipped, but thumbs Cody right in the eye. MJF stomps on Cody’s broken toe. Cody however, airplane Alabama slams MJF down on the mat. He slugs away at MJF on the mat. Cody is in control as Wardlow pulls Max to the outside. Wardlow gets drawn to Arn but Cody catches him at the pass and dives onto him. As Cody tries to get back in the ring MJF pulls on the arm and Wardlow then sends Cody into the ring post while on the outside.

MJF soon folds Cody with a pinning gutwrench powerbomb for a two count. Later on, MJF has a double wrist lock on Cody and forces The American Nightmare down to the mat. Cody gets himself back up and bull rushes Max to the corner to break the hold. MJF gives a top rope stomp onto the shoulder of Cody and locks in his Salt of The Earth armbar. Cody worms his way to the ropes and literally bites the ropes for the break. MJF hones in on the boot of Cody and pulls it off. He immediately steps on Cody’s open toe. He bites it! Cody soon gets control and delivers a top rope Osaka Cutter that grounds both men. Paul Turner begins his ten count. Beautiful Disaster kick. Cody goes running at the ropes but Wardlow meets him on the apron to stall him. Arn is fed up and grabs a chair. He keeps him at bay. MJF is busted open and Cody slams him into the steel steps. Cody rolls him back into the ring.

Ten punch by Cody, MJF comes charging, powerslam. MJF hits a Heatseeker and Wardlow puts Max’s feet on the ropes for leverage. Brandi leaps from the apron onto Wardlow who catches her in a fireman’s carry. Cody confronts Mr. Mayhem and comes charging at Wardlow, but accidentally hits Arn. The two eventually get center ring in a suplex position and both send each other over the top rope in a wild spot. Ref Turner gets to nine but both men answer the call. Cody implores MJF to stand. They both are up and trade punches. Both are wobbly. Cody goes for his daddy’s Bionic Elbow but Max topples over before he can. “Dusty” chant of course. MJF hits a Double Cross for a near fall.

MJF grabs hold of Cody’s weight belt, but Turner rips it free allowing Cody to hit Max with a low blow then a vertebreaker for a near win. Cody grabs hold of the belt and gives Max two lashes for retribution before the belt becomes a souvenir. MJF cowers and begs Cody to relent. Crocodile tears from Max before MJF spits in his face. Two Cross Rhodes from Cody, but MJF uses his Dynamite Diamond Ring to floor Cody. MJF falls on top of Cody for the pinfall win.


Post-match, Arn pulls Cody up and Brandi helps him to the back. “Cody” chants for The American Nightmare.

PAC vs. Orange Cassidy (w/ The Best Friends)

Orange puts on his shades and his elbow pads. The bell rings. “Holy Shit” chants. Cassidy goes for the pockets but PAC stops him. Orange flips him over. Pockets initiated. Trading ankle kicks. Orange shows his athleticism all with hands in pockets.

Action soon goes to the outside Cassidy finds himself into the barricade. PAC bounces Cassidy’s head into the ring post before rolling him in. Body slam. PAC ascends and waits for Orange to get up to hit a shotgun dropkick. PAC kicks at the head of Cassidy. Savate kick + two more by PAC before a Liger Bomb. Cassidy kicks out.

“No Pulp” chant for Cassidy. PAC sends him to the top rope to hit a brainbuster. PAC covers but lifts Orange up at two. He drags Orange to the corner for the Black Arrow, but Cassidy rolls away and out of the ring. PAC rolls him back in, but Cassidy rolls his way back out. “This is wrestling” chant. Orange smiles at PAC and PAC can’t help but grin. Tope by Cassidy and he goes on a tear, capping it off with a tornado DDT for a two count. PAC however knocks Cassidy silly. Cassidy taunts PAC with some pockets and later ascends the turnbuckle. Cassidy gets crotched but turns it into a DDT. PAC crawls out of the ring, but Trent sends him back in. Cassidy hits his finisher but PAC kicks out.

Out comes The Lucha Brothers to interfere with The Best Friends and PAC catches Orange in The Brutalizer for the submission win.


MAIN EVENT AEW World Heavyweight Championship Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho (w/ Santana & Ortiz)

Mox literally enters from the outside of the arena as Chris Jericho has a legitimate chorus singing his “Judas” theme for his entrance.

Match starts and the two duke it out. Chops by Mox. Mox clotheslines him out of the ring. He then follows Jericho into the crowd and the two brawl it out. Jericho hits Mox with a stanchion. Brawl continues in the stands. Chris sends Mox into a fan before grabbing an AEW camera. With picture frame over him, Y2J crashes a barricade onto Mox and the chaos still continues. Mox gnaws at the stitches of Jericho but Chris soon regains advantage thanks to a ring post. Chris celebrates as Aubrey puts gloves on and Moxley is bleeding. Jericho attacks. He powerbombs Mox on the timekeeper’s table. Doctor Sampson observes Mox as he makes his way back into the ring. Jericho calls Mox a POS and delivers a second rope elbow onto Mox. Chris is in control. He grabs the ring bell to ring it himself before grabbing the mic to say “Winner! Chris Jericho!”

Chris catapults Jon’s throat on the bottom rope before flipping off the crowd. Mox comes firing in out of nowhere, but Chris quickly gets back in the driver’s seat. He sends Mox onto the outside and Santana and Ortiz stomps away at the challenger. Jericho continues his attack and hangs Mox over the top rope before kicking him down to the canvas. Two count. Jericho gets Mox in a superplex position but Mox holds on and pancakes Jericho down. Mox comes off with a diving lariat and both men are down. Mox is still bleeding.

The two exchange rights. Harsh clotheslines in the corner for Mox before he stomps a mudhole into the Champ. Mox goes for a shotgun dropkick and Chris goes for the Liontamer, but Mox turns it into a heel hook. Jericho gets to the outside and Mox tope dives onto Chris. Mox rolls Chris back into the ring. Running knee strike for two. Both men get to their feet, Mox goes for The Paradigm Shift but Santana & Ortiz interfere. Lionsault by Chris for a two count. The pendulum of momentum goes back and forth, but eventually leads to Moxley locking in the Walls Of Jericho onto Chris. In comes Hager but Mox knocks his block off. Codebreaker by Chris. Soon Jericho locks in The Walls. Mox fights to the ropes.

Aubrey Edwards breaks the hold and Chris shoves Aubrey, trying to get DQ’ed. Mox finds himself on the right side of things but Hager punches Mox. Aubrey catches it and ejects all of The Inner Circle. As they leave, in comes Guevara and hits Mox with the World Title. Jericho covers but Mox kicks out at two. Mox is still bleeding and Jericho strikes at him as both are down on the mat. Jericho switches to forearms, but Mox fires back and the two trade punches. Mox goes for the Paradigm Shift, but Chris gouges the good eye of Mox. Chris taunts Moxs as he hits him with a right hand. Knees him and climbs to the second rope. Drops the knee on Mox. Jericho looks for the Judas Effect, Moxley dodges and nails the Paradigm Shift. Mox rips off the eye patch and was playing possum. He can see and he cinches in Jericho for the Paradigm shift. He hits it and gets the pinfall for the win! New champ!

WINNER and NEW AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

Photo Credit AEW


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