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AEW's Unrestricted Podcast Feat. 2point0

2point0 (Matt Lee and Jeff Parker) are off to a tremendous start at AEW! They talk about the road that led them to DYNAMITE, the phone call that ultimately changed their lives, teaming up with adopted son Daniel Garcia, and their awestruck moment standing in the AEW ring opposite Sting. Plus, they debate the merits of instant coffee, contemplate the details of a fantasy title match against The Young Bucks, relive their childhood backyard wrestling days, and explain why wrist tape goes on after teeth brushing.

2point0 On being in the ring with Sting:

“That awestruck moment doesn’t last very long because you’re about to get in a fight. He’s chopping you in the face!”

2point0 On Daniel Garcia vs. CM Punk:

“Punk, a pro’s pro! An absolute pro’s pro. Did right by Daniel and Daniel did right by Punk. It was fun to be that close to see that match.”


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