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AEW's Unrestricted Podcast Feat. Aubrey Edwards & Tony Schiavone

There have been some big changes backstage at AEW, resulting in some well-deserved promotions – including one for AEW Unrestricted co-host Tony Schiavone! Tony and Aubrey discuss his new role as Senior Producer, Special Advisor and Talent Relations, and what it means for Tony and AEW talent. They talk about Sonjay Dutt, Pat Buck and QT Marshall’s new responsibilities around talent, creative and production, as well as how all of these changes will help AEW continue to grow. They give a peek behind the curtain at what it takes to deliver AEW DYNAMITE and RAMPAGE to TV every week, and they also preview some big events coming up before the end of the year for AEW!

Tony Schiavone on his new role as Senior Producer, Special Advisor and Talent Relations:

“Basically what I do is walk around during the day and ask people how they’re doing, and ask if there’s anything we can do to make it better, and that’s really important.”

Ref Aubrey Edwards on QT Marshall’s expanded role at AEW:

“He’s writing the formats, essentially the script that all of us follow down to the second for every single show. That’s a huge, huge job.”


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