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AEW's Unrestricted Podcast Feat. Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia has had an incredible 12 months in wrestling including signing with AEW, teaming with 2point0, and wrestling both CM Punk and Jon Moxley! He shares what he’s learned from being in the ring with such experienced talent, the one thing that stands out from his match against Jon Moxley, and how a single call to do AEW DARK got the ball rolling for him. Daniel talks about getting started in wrestling, having to wait until he was 18 to attend wrestling school, and training with AEW’s The Blade. Plus, Daniel speaks to wrestling during the pandemic, the importance of pacing a match, why he likes to look at wrestling in “moments,” tag team chemistry, his love of Joshi wrestling, and when his childhood dream of the NHL turned into a dream of the squared circle!

On learning from 2point0:

“When I first came into AEW, I had a little bit of a different mindset on wrestling, and they were able to help me kind of simplify things for a wider TV audience. They’re very good at that.”

On wrestling Jon Moxley:

“Mostly it just kind of hurt. That was the biggest thing about wrestling Jon Moxley.”


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