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AEW's Unrestricted Podcast Feat. Pat Buck

AEW Coach Pat Buck is a suit aficionado – he explains why he feels most comfortable in a shirt and tie and why he does it better than Sonjay Dutt! Pat details his journey to AEW, what he loves most about working for the company, and how he feels his thoughts about talent align with Tony Khan’s. Pat also explains how he became a coach and trainer and what it’s been like to see his former students like Kris Statlander, The Acclaimed, and Mark Sterling achieve success at AEW. Pat also shares his love of Batman, Star Wars, and comic books – along with a crazy story involving a temporarily missing rental car.

Pat Buck's advice to young wrestlers:

“Don’t just focus on your match… Take it all in, watch things, and see if you can sit in by commentary. See if you can just pick up a different thing because who knows, maybe you can learn something to make your matches better.”

Pat Buck on wearing suits at AEW:

“I would feel really weird trying to give direction or get a certain sort of job done if I’m wearing a tank top. Even a polo shirt feels a little mild to me.”


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