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AEW Tease Debut Of Brodie Lee

You know what that means.

In a recent Twitter post, All Elite Wrestling teased the imminent debut of Brodie Lee - formerly WWE's Luke Harper - with a simple black and white image bearing the words 'IT'S WEDNESDAY'.

Lee has of course tweeted daily with this coded message for a considerable amount of time. The stark, minimal nature of the image is similar to the aesthetic used to herald the arrival of the Dark Order's 'Exalted One'. This is inspired stuff; in addition to the relentless Matt Hardy teases, and the more fun Raven red herring, AEW have conspired to create a sense of anticipation around the leader of an act that is not particularly over and remains iffy in presentation. A dead-on-arrival gimmick that resonates as amateurish too often remains a buzzing talking point.

"Fair f*cks," as we say on this side of the pond.

It is Wednesday, but it is not Sunday, March 8, the date on which his WWE non-compete clause expires, and so Lee isn't legally available to make his debut on tonight's Dynamite broadcast. Dave Meltzer reported that AEW does plan on bringing Lee in, but not until the March 18 show that emanates from his hometown of Rochester, New York to maximise the pop.

But in what capacity?


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