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AEW Unrestricted - All The Highlights From All In & All Out

AEW All In London Live from Wembley Stadium made history with a paid attendance of 81,035 tickets sold becoming the biggest-selling pro wrestling event in history. And AEW followed that up by holding All Out in Chicago the very next weekend! Ref Aubrey Edwards and Will Washington share their favorite moments and matches and reveal some great behind-the-scenes details from both historic shows! Hear stories about Chris Jericho, Sting, Swerve Strickland, Orange Cassidy, Billy Gunn, Kenny Omega, the AEW Meat Match, Dennis Rodman, and the “Hot and Flexible” CJ Perry.

Will Washington on Swerve Strickland’s “Swerve House” at Wembley Stadium!

“I went out for that entrance to watch it happen, and when he did ‘Who’s House?’ And the crowd, everybody does ‘Swerve’s House,’ I got goosebumps in that moment. I was so excited.”

Ref Aubrey Edwards on CJ Perry’s surprise entrance at All Out:

“You don’t know what someone’s music is going to be when they show up even if you do know they’re showing up, and then I just see ‘hot and flexible,’ and I’m dying!”

Ref Aubrey Edwards thanks Chris Jericho & Billy Gunn:

“Being the Aubrey Edwards character, and understanding how my role as a referee works, I’d say Chris Jericho and Billy Gunn have had the biggest impact of the people at AEW into who I am today."


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