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AEW Unrestricted Celebrating 200 Episodes of Dynamite

Celebrating 200 Episodes of AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite recently celebrated 200 episodes, and Ref Aubrey Edwards was on 197 of them! She and Will Washington share some behind-the-scenes stories from the first-ever Dynamite on October 2, 2019 live from the Capital Arena in Washington DC. They also discuss their favorite celebrity guests like Rick Ross, Shaq and Snoop Dogg; their favorite factions like Team Taz and The Inner Circle; their favorite debuts like Mr. Brodie Lee and Sting; and some of their favorite matches like the first-ever Blood & Guts and Hikaru Shida beating Toni Storm for the AEW Women’s World Championship. Ref Aubrey remembers moments from the pandemic era shows in Jacksonville including the first Blood & Guts and the Dinner Debonair.

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Ref Aubrey on AEW Dynamite today:

“The current iteration of Dynamite would not exist if without all of the things that happened during the pandemic.”

Ref Aubrey on why Rick Ross is her favorite celeb guest on AEW Dynamite:

“I came out to Rick Ross’ ‘Hustlin’’ at my wedding, so that’s kind of been like my jam for a while.”

Will Washington on why the July 26, 2023 episode of AEW Dynamite was so special:

“The episode [AEW Dynamite] we did in Albany, New York which opened with Orange Cassidy vs AR Fox, that episode, the very opening of that episode is modeled after the very first episode of AEW Dynamite.”


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