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AEW Unrestricted Feat. Arn And Brock Anderson

It’s a lesson in tag team wrestling and cutting good promos with Arn Anderson! Arn and his son, Brock Anderson, talk about their journey to AEW, how Brock convinced his parents let him pursue a professional wrestling career, and Brock’s training with QT Marshall at the Nightmare Factory. They also share stories about working AEW: Dynamite shows during the pandemic, the importance of watching as many matches as possible, and what it’s like to travel together. Plus, Brock comments on tagging with both Lee Johnson and Brian Pillman, Jr., and keeping the Anderson name.


Arn on coaching Brock and Brian Pillman, Jr.: 

“Brian reminds me of his dad the more I’m around him – and poor old Brock, God almighty, there ain’t no doubting that one’s mine.”


Brock on tag teaming with Brian Pillman, Jr.:

“I’m more the ground-and-pound, no nonsense, and he’s the wild card. There’s no other way to say it. You don’t know what’s coming.”



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