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AEW Unrestricted Feat. Josh Woods

Josh Woods delivers the goods and the story behind his arrival to AEW. He talks about teaming up with Tony Nese and Mark Sterling in the Varsity Athletes, dropping the ROH Pure Championship to Wheeler Yuta at Supercard of Honor, and then judging Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia’s Pure Championship match at Death Before Dishonor. Josh discusses what it was like to make the jump from amateur wrestling in college to professional wrestling, how he became The Technical Beast, and why he enjoys being a heel. Plus, he explains why he’d love to see Jake Hager join forces with the Varsity Athletes.

Josh Woods on teaming with Tony Nese and Mark Sterling in the Varsity Athletes:

“We got along pretty well prior to us even being thought of as a team or that even being suggested, so once we were told, we already had some rapport, and it was fun.”

Josh Woods on Tony Nese:

“He’s definitely the big brother for sure. He’s a little more serious than us [Josh and Mark Sterling]… I do a lot of silly things.”


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