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AEW Unrestricted Feat. Kip Sabian

Kip Sabian details the development and evolution of his character upon his return to AEW after rehabbing a serious shoulder injury. He reveals what inspired the box on the head, the “underrated, over it” message on the box, his slick suits, and his mysterious appearances in the audience at AEW: Dynamite! He speaks to the real-life experiences influencing his art in wrestling, and how he and wife, Olivia (aka Penelope Ford) are doing after their recent loss. Kip also discloses his Harry Potter house of choice, his Top 5 video games, his favorite Spider-man comic, his love of horror movies, and how he keeps that full head of platinum hair looking so healthy and stylish!

Kip Sabian on how his lengthy injury rehab inspired his character development:

“Ok, Kip can’t do anything, but I didn’t want to be stagnant. I wanted to develop myself further, and to do that I had to do something creative, so that’s where this came from.”

Kip Sabian on challenging Pac for the All-Atlantic Championship as his first match back from injury:

“I love wrestling Pac. I’ve always loved wrestling Pac. He’s so good, so for me the perfect person to come back in that I know we can have a good match is Pac.”


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