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AEW Unrestricted Feat. Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson is back at AEW after a six-month injury absence with a rehabbed knee, a new attitude, and new membership in The Factory with QT Marshall. He talks about his first match back challenging Orange Cassidy for the All-Atlantic Championship – and why The Factory is the perfect fit for him. Lee also remembers the whirlwind AEW tapings just before the pandemic lockdown, wrestling Mr. Brodie Lee during those tapings, tagging with Brock Anderson, working on MJF’s campaign staff with Wardlow and Hook, and finally getting signed to AEW. Plus, Lee talks about his Sting super fandom as a kid and what it was like meeting him at AEW. If you check out the video episode on YouTube, you might catch a very cool cameo from Lee’s fiancée 😉

Lee Johnson on working with QT Marshall:

“I really think QT is the guy that made me a great wrestler for TV. He really helped me out with that a lot.”

Lee Johnson on his Sting fandom:

“I remember when I was young, maybe like 6 or 7 years old. Do you remember those fake tattoos? I would get these Sting tattoos, and I would put them on my body.”


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