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AEW Unrestricted Feat. Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette recounts her AEW: DYNAMITE debut in Toronto, working with Christian Cage that first night, and opening the show in front of her hometown crowd. She talks about debuting around the same time as her close friend, Saraya, MJF’s impersonation of her husband Jon Moxley, and what prompted her return to wrestling in the first place. Renee also explains what it’s like balancing motherhood and career, the difference in her approach to live interviews versus backstage vignettes, how she deals with all the blood in Mox matches, and the role her father played in her love of wrestling. She also discusses her childhood dream of being a comedic actress, what inspired her to write a cookbook, Jon’s favorite meals, and her favorite Canadian snacks – including hickory sticks and all-dressed chips!

Renee on her AEW debut in Toronto:

“Toronto just couldn’t have been a better fitting for me. I really didn’t know what to expect of what kind of reaction I was going to get, if people were gonna care, those sorts of things. So it was really nice to open the show and have a really warm reception from everybody.”

Renee on her promo with MJF:

“I was happy to see that I was doing a promo with MJF pretty early on because I wanted to witness what he does up close like that.”


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