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AEW Unrestricted Feat. The Kingdom’s Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett is one-third of the ROH tag team The Kingdom. Mike talks about his excitement and love for pro wrestling, and especially getting busted open the hard way! He defines his #BostonStrong wrestling style, and explains why he’s up for anything and everything from tacks to tables to pure rules matches. He discusses the family nature of Ring of Honor, what The Briscoe Brothers did for The Kingdom and ROH in the early days, how they all felt when Tony Khan purchased the company, and why he considers The Kingdom to be the gatekeepers of ROH. He talks about the importance of elevating younger talent like Action Andretti and Top Flight, the significance of Ghostbusters, his chemistry with Matt Taven, the value of positivity, his personal motto, and the “Jay Briscoe eyes.”

Mike Bennett on AEW:

“What I feel is cool about AEW is I feel like we’re setting the trend for what wrestling is going to be in the next generation”

Mike Bennett on Jay Briscoe:

“I think Jay Briscoe was not only one of the greatest wrestlers ever, he was one of the greatest men. The way he carried himself, he wasn’t perfect but none of us are, but at the end of the day he was a man who lived with passion and conviction, and he was a family man.”

Mike Bennett on bleeding in ROH matches:

“Alright, I’m the Ring of Honor [Jon] Mox [Moxley] and he can be the AEW Mox, and at one point there’s gonna be a blood feud. I can feel it”


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