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AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door Results (06/26/2022

On June 26, All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling will join forces for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door.

In the likely main event, Jon Moxley will face Hiroshi Tanahashi in a match for the Interim AEW World Championship. Plus, Malakai Black, PAC, Miro and Clark Connors will collide in a four-way match to determine the inaugural AEW All-Atlantic Champion. Elsewhere on the show, Jay White will defend the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship against Hangman Page, Adam Cole, and Kazuchika Okada.

The results are as follows:

The Buy-In

Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI vs. The Factory (QT Marshall and Aaron Solo)

Solo and YOSHI-HASHI start the bout and feel each other out. A dropkick gives Solo the upper hand early on. YOSHI-HASHI fires back with a shoulder tackle. Marshall and Goto tag in. They lock up and trade holds. Goto chops his chest, and Solo tags back in. Marshall attacks Goto from behind. Solo rakes his eyes, but the NJPW stars drop him with a shoulder block. Goto and YOSHI-HASHI hit their opponents with a series of blows. Marshall trips Goto and hits the QT Special over the ropes. Solo gets a two count with a diving stomp. The Factory double-teams Goto, but he rallies with a suplex. He blasts Marshall with a lariat and tags YOSHI-HASHI, who takes control with a flurry of offense.

Solo breaks up the pin after a diving neckbreaker. He dives onto the duo outside the ring. Marshall and Solo kick YOSHI-HASHI. Goto breaks up the pin after the Diamond Cutter. YOSHI-HASHI dodges the 450 Splash and tags Goto. Solo gets taken out with a superkick, Goto slams Marshall, and the NJPW stars hit Solo with a double-team move for the win.

Winners: Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI

Lance Archer vs. Nick Comoroto

Archer quickly gets in the ring and takes the fight to Comoroto with some strikes. Comoroto fires up with an attempted gorilla press, but Archer reverses. The Factory member snaps Archer over the ropes and sends him crashing into the barricade with a shoulder block. He slams Archer onto the apron. Back in the ring, Comoroto grounds Archer, but he rallies with a slam. They trade blows. Archer kicks Comoroto in the face and does a tight-rope moonsault for a two count. Comoroto slams Archer, but he perseveres and hits the Blackout for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer

Backstage, Clark Connors discusses the All-Atlantic Championship match tonight and says it’s time to get wild.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland vs. El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Lee starts the match with Kanemaru, and they square off. Lee overpowers him and tags Strickland. Desperado tags in, as does Strickland. Swerve plays to the crowd, but Desperado quickly gets him in a leg lock. Desperado slams him onto the apron and wrenches his leg again. Strickland gains the upper hand, but Desperado dodges a dropkick, sending Swerve crashing into Lee’s knee. Desperado and Kanemaru target the wounded area once Lee tags in, and they ground the big man.

Lee tries to fire up using his strength, but Desperado and Kanemuru double-team him. He eats a DDT as the duo maintains the advantage. Strickland tags in and clears house. He drops Kanemaru off the offense with a big boot. Swerve hits a diving uppercut and drops Desperado with a brainbuster. Desperado plants Swerve with a spinebuster. Kanemaru tags in, and the duo double-teams Swerve. Desperado crotches Lee on the ropes, and Kanemaru kicks him off the apron. Swerve and Desperado trade strikes. Strickland catches Desperado with a flatliner. Lee tags in, and Kanemaru keeps attacking his knee. He traps Lee in a death lock, and Desperado wrenches Strickland’s leg. Lee powers his way out. Desperado shoves Strickland off the rope and grabs Lee, which allows Kanemaru to spit whiskey into his eyes and roll him up for a two count. Strickland tags in and vaults off Lee to kick Kanemaru. He stomps Desperado, and Lee hits the Big Bang Catastrophe for the win.

Winners: Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland

After the match, Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs confront the duo from the sky box. They compare themselves to Jordan and Pippen, and they say they’re the best tag team. Starks insults Lee and Strickland, and he says they’ll never be as good as the two of them. He wonders how they could say they’re the best when they haven’t beaten Hobbs and Starks.

The Buy-In: Max Caster and The Gunn Club. vs. Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, The DKC, and Yuya Uemura

Caster works “senpai” and “hentai” into his pre-match rap. Danhausen interrupts the proceedings and plays a special “Ass Boys” song. The Gunns run to the back to confront Danhausen. The LA Dojo trainees, having the numbers advantage, easily gain the upper hand. Coughlin slams Caster. Knight tags in and blasts Caster with stiff strikes. Knight and Uemura double-team Caster. Uemura strikes Gunn on the apron and maintains the upper hand. The DKC tags in and continues to isolate Caster. Team Dojo continues to dominate, but Caster rallies with a back body drop. Gunn tags in and takes control with a flurry of offense. He hits a Fameasser, and Caster pins The DKC with a diving elbow drop.

Winners: Max Caster and The Gunn Club

Main Show

Winner Gets The Advantage At Blood & Guts: Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, & Minoru Suzuki vs. Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta, & Shota Umino

Jericho tags in and squares off with Yuta, who takes the fight to the former world champion and suplexes him several times. Jericho fights his way free, but Yuta slams him again and locks in a crossface. Both sets of partners brawl at ringside. Jericho slams Yuta into the steps. Guevara and Jericho double-team Yuta. Kingston attacks Guevara with a series of strikes.

Guevara catches Yuta with a dropkick. Yuta slams him and tags Umino, who rocks Guevara with a dropkick. Jericho tags in and trades blows with Umino. Kingston tags in, and Jericho tags Suzuki. Kingston takes his straps down, and Suzuki chops him. Suzuki gives him one right back, and they keep trading stiff strikes. Suzuki blasts Kingston with a forearm to the head.

Jericho and his partners isolate Kingston. “The Mad King” chops Jericho repeatedly. Suzuki traps him in an arm-bar, and Jericho drops him with an arm-bar. He grounds “The Mad King” along with Suzuki. Jericho’s team locks in stereo submission holds.

Kingston suplexes Guevara and tags Umino, who clears house. Suzuki attacks Umino, but “Shooter” takes him out. Guevara dives onto Umino at ringside, and Yuta takes him down with a dive. Kingston follows suit. Yuta drops Guevara with a crossbody. Kingston suplexes Guevara and locks in the Stretch Plum. Suzuki breaks it up, but Kingston drops him with a back fist. Bodies are flying as the match breaks down into chaos. Umino gets a near fall with an avalanche powerslam. Conti distracts Yuta, and Guevara blasts him with the GTH. Guevara hits Umino with a bat, but Umino keeps fighting. He locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Guevara breaks it up. Suzuki drops Kingston with a piledriver. In the end, Jericho pins Umino with the Judas Effect.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, & Minoru Suzuki

Winner Takes All Match for the IWGP Tag Team Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship: Jeff Cobb and Great-O-Khan vs. FTR vs. Roppongi Vice

Harwood and Romero start the bout and feel each other out. Cobb tags in, and Harwood chops him. Cobb trucks over him, but Romero tags in. Harwood floors him with a forearm, and FTR double-teams the veteran. Harwood seemingly hurts his shoulder and exits the ring, where the doctor checks on him. Romero gains the upper hand as Harwood is taken to the back.

Great-O-Khan tags in and overpowers Wheeler. He sits on Wheeler’s head, and Cobb blasts him with a clothesline. Beretta tags in and suplexes Great-O-Khan. He drops the powerhouse with a DDT. Cobb reverses a DDT and slams Beretta. Romero takes Cobb down with a hurricanrana. Great-O-Khan slams Romero onto the apron. Trent floors Great-O-Khan with a Spear.

Roppongi Vice is in control, but Wheeler tags in and clears house. By himself, he brings it to United Empire, but Great-O-Khan slams him. The powerhouse sends Romero flying with a shoulder tackle. Harwood comes back to the ring with his shoulder taped up. Wheeler tags him, and Harwood gains the upper hand with a flurry of offense. A one-man warrior, Harwood keeps fighting. He suplexes Cobb a few times. Wheeler gets a two count with a frog splash.

Romero tags in and snaps Great-O-Khan’s arm over the ropes. He and Wheeler drop Great-O-Khan with a spike piledriver. Cobb counters the Strong Zero with a powerbomb. He hits a standing moonsault on Romero. The United Empire duo double-teams Beretta. Roppongi Vice rallies and hits Strong Zero for a two count. Romero gets a two count with an inside cradle. FTR hits the Big Rig for the win.

Winners and new IWGP Tag Team Champions: FTR

Backstage, Tony Schiavone is standing by with Juice Robinson and Jay White. Juice has the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship with him, and he says the match between Ospreay and Orange Cassidy will be a number one contender’s match. White vows to beat Page, Cole, and Okada in the same match tonight because this is the Switchblade Era, and that is “too sweet.”

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Miro vs. Malakai Black vs. PAC vs. Clark Connors

PAC takes the fight to Black, leaving Connors alone with Miro. “The Redeemer” uses his power advantage to gain the upper hand, but Connors catches him with a shoulder tackle. Miro catches a diving Connors and slams him onto the floor. Black and Miro square off, and Black hits a springboard moonsault. He drills Connors with a knee strike. PAC and Miro are left in the ring, and Miro plants him with a Fallaway Slam.

Connors brings the fight to “The Redeemer”, and Miro slams him to the ground. Miro is in complete control, and he slams Connors again. Black and Miro stomp on PAC. The two powerhouses face off and trade strikes. Miro nails Black with an uppercut. “The Redeemer” plants PAC with a Samoan drop. PAC dives onto Black outside the ring. He takes Miro down with a shotgun dropkick. Black nails him with a knee strike.

The competitors trade blows. Outside the ring, Black gets a table and sets it up. Connors tackles Miro through a table and takes control. He slams Black but eats kicks from PAC. He drops PAC with a Spear and slams “The Bastard” for a two count. PAC kicks him in the face, but Black stops him from hitting the Black Arrow.

Miro slams Connors and Black as they superplex PAC. He nails PAC with a kick and locks in the Game Over. Black breaks it up by misting Miro and blasting him with the Black Mass. PAC hits the Black Arrow on Black and makes Connors tap out to the Brutalizer.

Winner and new AEW All-Atlantic Champion: PAC

The Young Bucks and El Phantasmo (with Hikuleo) vs. Dudes with Attitude (Sting, Darby Allin and Shingo Takagi)

Sting doesn’t appear during his entrance, so it seems like he won’t be in the match. The Young Bucks enter, and the lights go out. The spotlight focus on Sting up on the catwalk. He then appears on top of the entrance tunnel and dives onto the Bullet Club team. The trios brawl at ringside, but Takagi and Phantasmo enter the ring to start the bout. Sting and Takagi double-team Phantasmo, and they bump fists.

Allin tags in and gets double-teamed by the Bucks. The Bullet Club trio gains the upper hand as Nick Jackson dives onto the former TNT Champion. Matt and Nick are in control, and Phantasmo tags in. He rakes Allin’s back. Matt showboats and rakes Allin’s back. Allin rallies with a German suplex from the tree of woe position. He nails Phantasmo with a Code Red.

Takagi tags in and clears house. He suplexes Nick Jackson and plants him with a Death Valley Driver. Sting tags in and stuns the Bucks with a series of strikes. Phantasmo tries to twist his nipples, and “The Icon” no-sells it. Hits a Stinger Splash on the Bucks. Hikuleo gets on the apron, and the distraction lets Phantasmo hit Sting in the “yammies”, as Taz puts it. The Bucks superkick all three of their opponents, but Sting doesn’t go down. He floors the duo with a clothesline.

The Bucks dive onto their opponents on the outside, and Phantasmo follows suit. The Bullet Club trio superkicks Sting. “The Icon” twists Phantasmo’s nipples. Allin dives onto Hikuleo at ringside. Takagi drills Phantasmo with some elbows and blasts him with a clothesline. Takagi pins Phantasmo with the Last of the Dragon.

Winners: Dudes with Attitude (Sting, Darby Allin and Shingo Takagi)

Backstage, Chris Jericho tells Shota Umino earns his respect and proceeds to blast him with a fireball while 2point0 distracts him.

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Toni Storm

Rosa and Storm lock up and feel each other out. The two women are evenly matched early on, and they trade pin attempts. Rosa chops Storm, who fires back with a big boot and a suplex. They trade slaps and forearms. The champion catches Storm with a stunner and maintains the advantage. She stomps Storm for a two count and suplexes her on the floor. Storm sends Rosa crashing to the floor and suplexes her onto the apron. She plants Rosa with a DDT onto the floor.

Storm DDTs Rosa again, but the champion hits a Death Valley Driver. She hits the Fire Thunder Driver for a two count. Rosa kicks Storm’s arm, but the challenger suplexes her again. Rosa counters the Storm Zero and hits the Final Reckoning for the win.

Winner and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Thunder Rosa

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Will Ospreay (with Aussie Open) (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and matches Ospreay step for step. He gives the champion a thumbs up and drops him with a head scissors takedown. Ospreay rocks Orange with a big boot and blasts him with a kick at ringside. Ospreay does some sit-ups and drops Cassidy with a spinning back-breaker. He slams “Freshly Squeezed” into the corner and flips him off while he locks in an abdominal stretch.

Cassidy rallies and hits a crossbody. Ospreay drops Cassidy with a spinning kick. Ospreay kicks his face and taunts. Cassidy fires up and puts his hands in his pockets. He catches Ospreay with a dropkick. “Freshly Squeezed” does a kip-up and “kicks” Ospreay. Orange blasts him with a superkick. He dodges the Os-cutter and gets a two count on a bridging pin. Cassidy hits the Stun-dog Millionaire and spikes Ospreay with a DDT.

Aussie Open grabs Orange, and he dives onto them. A diving DDT earns Cassidy a two count. Ospreay catches Cassidy with a Spanish Fly. Cassidy slams Ospreay head-first into the camera on the ring post. “Freshly Squeezed” gets on the mat, playing possum, and Ospreay dives onto him. Cassidy gets a two count with a roll-up and gets a near fall with the Beach Break. Ospreay hits the Os-cutter for a near fall. The champion blocks the Orange Punch and hits a running elbow to the head. He then hits the Storm breaker for the win.

Winner and still IWGP United States Champion: Will Ospreay

Juice Robinson, who still has the title, poses from the sky box. Ospreay and Aussie Open attack Cassidy, but Roppongi Vice tries to make the save. Aussie Open sends them out of the ring, but Katsuyori Shibata comes to the ring. He drops Davis with a kick and nails Ospreay with another one. He chokes Ospreay until Aussie Open drags the champion away. Cassidy gives Shibata his sunglasses and a thumbs up.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Bryan Danielson’s Hand-Picked Replacement

Danielson’s replacement will be the newest member of Blackpool Combat Club, and it turns out to be Claudio Castagnoli, the former Cesaro.

Claudio takes the fight to ZSJ and gets an immediate two count with a Neutralizer. He drills Sabre Jr. with some uppercuts at ringside. Sabre Jr. snaps his arm over the ropes, but Castagnoli rocks him with a boot. ZSJ stretches Claudio’s leg in the ropes and bends it over the apron. Sabre Jr. stomps Castagnoli’s arm and mocks his taunt.

He keeps attacking Castaganoli’s arm. Claudio rallies and hits two back-breakers. He drills ZSJ with an uppercut. Claudio tries to powerbomb his way out of an arm-bar, but both men go over the ropes while the hold is still locked in. Claudio walks up the steps while lifting Sabre Jr. with one arm. Sabre Jr. reverses the Swing and locks in an Octopus hold. Claudio hits a gut wrench slam off the middle rope. ZSJ avoids the Swing again.

Claudio nails Sabre Jr. with a European uppercut. He does the Swing, but his hurt arm shortens the duration. Sabre Jr. locks in a heel hook, but Claudio powers out and locks in a Sharpshooter. He stomps Sabre Jr. for a two count. ZSJ locks in a sleeper hold and transitions to an arm-bar. Sabre Jr. kicks Claudio, but the newcomer floors him with a lariat. Claudio hits an uppercut, a clothesline and a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Jay White (c) (with Gedo) vs. Kazuchika Okada vs. Hangman Page vs. Adam Cole

Cole quickly leaves the ring, as does White, so Okada and Page are left on their own. Cole drags Page out of the ring, and White takes the fight to Okada. White and Cole try to strategize at ringside, but their opponents attack them. White suplexes Okada onto the apron. The fight spills up the ramp. Cole and White suplex Page onto the ramp and take him out of the equation for a minute.

Page slams White into the steps. Cole and White continue to double-team Okada. Page fights them off and hits a springboard clothesline on White. Cole superkicks Page in mid-air. Okada rallies and drops White with a flapjack. He kicks Cole off the top rope and takes control. Okada dives over the barricade and takes White and Cole down with a crossbody.

Page enters the action with a flurry of offense. White and Cole Too Sweet each other, and Cole stabs him in the back by hitting him with a backstabber. White dodges the Boom and slams Cole. He dumps Okada on his head with suplex. Cole drops him with the Boom. All four men are down after Page clotheslines Okada. They get up and trade blows.

Page powerbombs White for a two count. Hangman dives onto Okada and Cole at ringside. Gedo distracts him, and the interference helps White dodge the Buckshot Lariat. Page still hits the Deadeye and rocks White with the Buckshot Lariat, but Okada breaks up the pin. Page and Okada trade blows. Hangman suplexes him and drops him with a clothesline. Cole slams Page into the ring post. Okada hits an over-the-knee Air Raid Crash on Cole. Two superkicks floor Okada and Page. Cole superkicks Page. White sneaks in and hits the Blade Runner. He then abruptly pins Cole.

Winner and still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion: Jay White

After the match, White walks right by the Undisputed Elite. Doctors check on Cole, who seemingly suffered an injury. Cole walks out of the ring on his own power.

Interim AEW World Championship: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jon Moxley

Tanahashi and Moxley feel each other out early on, and they’re evenly matched. The NJPW takes Moxley down with a dragon screw. The former AEW World Champion hits a cutter. They trade blows, and Moxley throws Tanahashi off the second rope. He hits a piledriver for a two count. “The Purveyor of Violence” locks in a cloverleaf and transitions to a modified STF until Tanahashi reaches the ropes.

Tanahashi hits a senton, but Moxley clotheslines him over the ropes. The brawl spills to the outside, and Moxley slams Tanahashi through a table. Moxley kicks Tanahashi, and blocks a dragon screw before he goes for an arm-bar. Tanahashi gains the upper hand, and Moxley is busted open. Tanahashi dives onto Moxley outside the ring. “The Ace” takes control with a flurry of offense, inclusing a dive off the top. Moxley, bleeding like a stuck pig, locks in the Bulldog Choke.

Tanahashi stacks Moxley up for a two count. They trade blows, and Moxley drills Tanahashi with a lariat. Moxley locks in another choke and transitions to a sleeper hold. He hits the Death Rider for the win.

Winner and Interim AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

Moxley shows his respect for Tanahashi after the match. Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia attack the duo, but Eddie Kingston tries to make the save. Santana, Ortiz, and Wheeler Yuta come to the ring to join the fight, as does the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society. Castagnoli runs down to the ring and takes the fight to Jericho. He dishes out uppercuts and swings Angelo Parker. Claudio stands tall with Moxley and his new teammates to close the show, though Eddie Kingston has some heated words for the newcomer.


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