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AJ Styles Appears On Slammiversary Broadcast Thanking IMPACT Wrestling For His Career

AJ Styles made a cameo appearance on Slammiversary, sending in a pre-taped video to celebrate the company’s milestone anniversary.

AJ Styles spoke about being in the first-ever match in TNA back in 2002, noting it was himself, Jerry Lynn and Low-Ki against the Flying Elvises in the inaugural match. He then mentioned Jeff Jarrett, Raven, Ultimate X and Elevation X … Styles said he had amazing matches with Kurt Angle, but the one that changed everything was his Unbreakable 2005 match against Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels.

He says they weren’t 6’5” and jacked, but they changed things because of who they were. Styles thanked fans for voting for him as most impactful wrestler, noting that he wouldn’t be as phenomenal without them. Styles thanked WWE for allowing him to appear because they understood it was a special moment, then said ‘here’s to the next 20 years’ of IMPACT Wrestling.

AJ Styles was known as the face of TNA Wrestling, as he worked for the company from 2002 until 2014. Styles was featured on the first-ever TNA event and was a 5-time world champion (NWA/TNA), 6-time tag team champion, Global Champion and the company’s first-ever Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion.

Check out the full promo from AJ Styles below:


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