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AJ Styles Speaks On If WWE Owns His In-Ring Name

As previously reported by Indy Pro Wrestling, the WWE recently sent out a letter to its talent warning them that they have 30 days to terminate any 3rd party deals.

Here is an excerpt from the letter sent out by WWE:

Vince McMahon issued an edict this past week that talent can no longer "engage with outside third parties," which would presumably include platforms like Cameo and Twitch.

McMahon held a call with talent last Sunday regarding the reinvention of the product.

During the call, McMahon said that WWE owns the real names of talent, not just their character names.

McMahon followed up the call by sending a letter on Thursday. McMahon wrote that it was imperative that they promote and protect the brand in every conceivable way, and that talent have 30 days to stop engaging with third parties.

AJ Styles on if WWE owns his name:

Before the letter from Vince McMahon, Mark Carrano told WWE talent on the call that they own their real names while they are under contract with the promotion, as well as their ring names. AJ Styles went on to say that he actually owns that name and has given permission to WWE to use the name so long as he is working for the company.

"Let me just let you guys know - I own my name," Styles said. "That's how I've been able to use it no matter where I've been. I've given permission for WWE to use it as long as I'm with them. Therefore, it's their property as long as I'm under contract.

"As I said before, WWE wants us to interact with you, the fans, so as far as I know, I can continue using my name for the stream, but it doesn't matter to me. I can be whatever. I can be Allen Jones or Styles Clash, whatever - it's not that big of a deal."


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