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ALL IN 2 Teased

Photo Credit Pro Wrestling Sheet

The All In event hasn’t even taken place yet, but The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes sound like they’re already tossing around the idea of promoting part two.

The trio were guests on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho and while discussing the idea of a second show Matt Jackson said they feel it has to be just as ambitious as the first in terms of drawing a huge crowd — questioning how big they should try to go.

“Could you do another one and say ‘Oh, I want 10,000 again?” Jackson continued, “Or do you do, I want 20,000 or I want 15,000?  I personally would like to do Madison Square Garden.  I think that would be cool.”

Adding, “Or I’d like to do something in Los Angeles at a big building there.” It was later implied they’ve already had meetings with officials from The Forum, as Staples is locked down by WWE.

“I would love to see what happens if you guys do Madison Square Garden, because the old man is not going to stand by,” a laughing Jericho replied. “It’s definitely an option,” Matt replied.  

At the end of the podcast, Jericho said it’s always possible he could participate in All In 2.

The sold-out All In event is set to go down September 1 in Chicago.

Listen to the back-and-forth (which was recorded in June) below. This part begins around 1:23.


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