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Austin Aries Reveals Why He Originally Left Impact Wrestling

Photo Credit Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling World Champion, Austin Aries, says he has never had more fun in his wrestling career than he has had in 2018 with Impact Wrestling. He was not as enthusiastic about the company during his initial two runs with them, however.

Aries wrestled in Impact from 2005 to 2007 and again from 2011 to 2015. According to Aries, his run with the company ended in 2007 after he was suspended for “bad behavior”. He revealed what it was which led to his suspension and subsequent leaving of the company on the latest edition of Talk is Jericho.

Austin Aries on Suspensions from TNA Wrestling

Aries mentioned that he was suspended twice while wrestling in TNA from 05-07. A conflict with Vince Russo then led to him deciding to leave and go back to Ring of Honor.

Jericho asked Aries what he got suspended for and Aries didn’t hesitate to answer that it was “a bad attitude”.

“So basically the story is, we are at the tail-end of this PPV which is obviously leaving a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths,” Aries said. “The next day was a travel day, this happened to be my birthday weekend. We had a travel day Monday, we had television on Tuesday. At this point, the company decided to inform us shortly around the holidays that they are no longer going to provide our hotel rooms or transportation, Merry Christmas.”

Aries continued to say he cashed in some favors and he and the X-Division guys got a nice hotel, some food, and some alcohol for their day off. Vince Russo then came in and told everyone to be by their phones on their day off in case they needed someone to come in and film vignettes. Aries made a point of not being by his phone. He would also say the company got mad when he began asking questions such as why he couldn’t do the vignettes the next day while he was there for 8 hours. These question evidently did not go over well.

Jericho then asked if he got a letter saying he was suspended. Aries then said they opted to call him and leave a voicemail when they knew he was on a flight.

“Like real men do they dropped the voicemail when you are in the air,” Aries said. He decided at that time it was time to leave and go to ROH.


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