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Batman Is All Elite, Will Appear (In Some Form) On AEW Dynamite

When All Elite Wrestling revealed that they had a deal with the TNT network to broadcast AEW Dynamite, that was exciting news just because it was a new wrestling company having a TV deal in 2019, which is no small thing. But something interesting that has emerged in the months since is that being on TNT connects them to the enter Warner Media empire, which includes stuff like Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and DC Comics. Not only that, but Warner is big on corporate synergy, as we already saw when Dynamite had a tie-in with Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Now it seems that TNT and Warner are bringing an even bigger character to AEW, although we don’t know in what capacity.

As reported by comics site Newsarama, TNT is devoting Thanksgiving week to Batman, with a marathon of Batman movies and a tie-in sweepstakes. TNT has also promised that “some BatWeek festivities” will be a part of AEW Dynamite tomorrow night. Hopefully that means more than just the Best Friends dressing as Batman and Robin, with Orange Cassidy as Alfred.

If they are going to do a cosplay thing, I’d personally rather see Le Champion Chris Jericho as Batman with Sammy Guevara as Robin. Or Jericho as the Joker, Guevara as the Riddler, Santana as Mister Freeze, Ortiz as the Penguin, and Jake Hager as Bane.

While I’m spitballing, Leva Bates almost certainly already owns a Batgirl costume, and Batgirl was a librarian, after all. Or what about Kip Sabian as the Joker and Penelope Ford as Harley Quinn? Heck, just dress everybody up. It’s the night before Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid to be silly.

Speaking of silly, longtime fans will remember that this isn’t the first time Batman has made a foray into real-world wrestling, since the Adam West incarnation once feuded with Jerry Lawler in Memphis (I believe this was before the King bought Batman’s car).


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