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Big Swole Explains Why She Thinks Tessa Blanchard Should Sign With AEW Instead Of WWE

Tessa Blanchard is on the free agent market again, and signs point to her signing with WWE.

But if The ‘E is interested, that means there’s bound to be talk about All Elite getting into the bidding. Now, none of that talk is coming from the folks in power at AEW. Given past allegations of racism and bullying behavior against Blanchard, having Tessa on the roster might be tricky for Tony Khan’s company given their public statements about inclusivity, and gestures like banning Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife from their shows.

Someone in the AEW women’s locker room does think Blanchard should sign with the company, though. And it’s a person who stood with the women who spoke out about Tessa’s locker room issues.

Big Swole attempted to mediate some of those disputes in the past, though. And she’s bringing that same energy to her argument for why AEW would be a good place for Blanchard now.


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