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Billy Corgan Reveals NWA 2019 Plans, Partnerships With Several Promotions

Photo Credit NWA

Billy Corgan went to his Instagram story to announce some future plans for the National Wrestling Alliance. Among the NWA 2019 plans is the already announced Pop Up Event in early January, the return of the Crockett Cup (which focuses on tag team wrestling), and more pay-per-view events.

One of the most interesting details was that NWA will be partnering with Ring of Honor and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. It’s not a huge surprise considering the companies have worked together in the past year, but it’s good to have confirmation that the relationships will continue into 2019. Allowing NWA champions to work multiple promotions is a staple of the belt, and is only fitting considering the lineage.

Are you looking forward to see what NWA has to offer in 2019?


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