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Bobby Fish Comments On His IMPACT Wrestling Status

Bobby Fish could show up anywhere.

During a recent episode of his Undisputed Podcast, Bobby Fish spoke about his experience working with Josh Alexander for IMPACT Wrestling. Fish and Alexander faced off on the October 13 episode of IMPACT, and he put over how easy it was to work with the current IMPACT World Champion.

“Josh Alexander … I was expecting it to be good but it even exceeded the expectations. He’s just good at what he does and I like to think I’m good at what I do, that’s when wrestling can really be something cool. I feel like we were able to put something cool together. A little more conversation, a little more time that we had, but nothing needed to be overdone or produced. We’re just two guys that have been doing this long enough that we can go out and let it fly. I think we did a good amount of that, there was so much organic stuff that transpired in that match that I think that’s what made it good. That was the best part about it and Josh is good, man.”

Asked if he can see a rematch in the future, Fish said he’s not sure it will happen because despite what some think, he’s not under contract with IMPACT.

“I don’t know. My status with [IMPACT] … a lot of people were making the assumption that I signed with IMPACT. I have not signed with anyone other than Global Titans, which is not pro wrestling, so I do have that boxing match in November. And then I have a second fight that will be determined, so that’s really the only longstanding contract I have. Everything else, I am figuring it out and IMPACT happens to be one of those places and you don’t know where I am showing up.”

Fish addressed rumors he could be in the 2023 Royal Rumble match and said he could show up anywhere, whether it’s Survivor Series or a high school gym.


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