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Bobby Fish Makes IMPACT Wrestling Debut At IMPACT Victory Road

Bobby Fish has arrived in the IMPACT zone.

During IMPACT Victory Road, Bobby Fish made a surprise appearance to a big pop in Nashville. Fish got on the mic and addressed the heat that’s surrounding him right now. He considers himself a guy who does his job well. He jokes about not being able to get fired from IMPACT, but he’s kept his eyes on the locker room. Now he’s here to pick a fight.

Shera and Raj Singh interrupted and said Fish can’t just walk in here and talk garbage. Singh got in Fish’s face and shoved him, which led to Fish clearing both Singh and Shera out of the ring. Fish grabbed the mic and commented, “I still don’t know who you are,” to conclude the segment.

The commentary team and Fish himself made references to the former WWE and AEW star being “controversial.” Fish recently departed AEW and made several remarks about CM Punk in recent weeks.

It remains to be seen what kind of deal has been set up between IMPACT Wrestling and Bobby Fish.


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