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  • William Alicea

Brian Cage Seemingly In High Demand As Current IMPACT Wrestling Deal Winds Down

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

It has been almost two years since we saw the debut of The Machine Brian Cage make his debut with IMPACT Wrestling. One of the first acquisitions of the D'Amore/Callis/Nordholm era, Cage has been on one of the biggest rides of his career, reaching the pinnacle in becoming IMPACT Wrestling world champion.

At over 250 pounds of power, speed, and agility, not to mention one of the best physiques in the industry, Cage is certainly one of the anomalies in all of pro wrestling. With an offensive style that combines, Lucha, Strong style, technical and brawling styles Combined with his uncanny strength, you have a formula for one of the greatest in-ring performers in professional wrestling today. With his contract expiring shortly in January 2020, Cage would certainly be one of the industry's hottest free agents, but, where could we see him end up next, if he goes that is?

Cage made his name well known in Lucha Underground, from coming on the scene hot and making a lasting impression with tearing up the original Lucha Underground title to having some of the greatest matches in Lucha Underground history with those the likes of Matanza Cueto, Pentagon Dark, Johnny Mundo, Taya, Son Of Havoc and many others. The man from the 559 certainly made noise throughout the temple during his time there.

Cage didn't stop there though as he felt that making an IMPACT was the best thing for his career and debuting for IMPACT Wrestling back in January of 2018 and immediately taking out the Destroyer, Bobby Lashley and many other names in convincing fashion. Cage wasn't done there as having gold was on his mind and it was only a matter of time before the Machine would get it. Cage would defeat Matt Sydal for the X-Division title on July 22nd, 2018 at IMPACT Wrestlings Slammiversary XVI and have a healthy run with the title. Several months later, Cage would become the IMPACT World Champion by defeating Johnny IMPACT at IMPACT Wrestling: Rebellion with Lance Storm as the special guest referee.

While Cage won the title while getting injured during the match, perhaps the biggest story here is how much grit and determination and strength it took for Cage to defend the title while recuperating from what could have been a career-ending back injury. Cage would hold onto the IMPACT World title another 6 months later until he finally lost it to Sami Callihan on the first IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV.

Cage's undeniable talent, determination and work ethic throughout his career has put him in a positively major spot with several organizations sending feelers out as his current deal is up. The question here is, where would you, the fan, like to see him up next? What matches would you like to see him in?

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