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Brian Cage Would Like to See Impact Work With AEW, Hopes to Face Michael Elgin at Slammiversary

Brian Cage spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview discussing Impact potentially working with AEW and more. Highlights are below:

On Michael Elgin showing up in Impact: “I know Elgin very well as we used to be tag partners and tag champions in PWG. First and foremost, I’ll say that I’m glad Elgin is in Impact as he’s a phenomenal talent. He brings a lot to an already-stacked roster, especially the heavyweight division. I think he lucked out by the fact that I was hurt and he was able to come out and do that. Now he’s able to do his thing and I hope to be back for Slammiversary and put on the performance that I wanted to put on at Rebellion, and I expect it to be against Elgin. So, that’s the game plan and I hope he’s ready.”

On his World Title match at Impact Rebellion not being the main event bout: “I didn’t mind at all because I knew what we were doing and the type of match we were gonna have. It was easier for them to follow us than us following them as they had to clean up the ring. Hindsight, with what happened with my injury, I’m even more thankful that they got to close the show instead of us.”

On Impact possibly working with other companies like AEW: “Essentially, everyone in the pro wrestling business is in the business together. We’re all trying to make money and WWE is obviously the global conglomerate and has the stronghold on everything. I feel like everyone who’s competing against each other and them, if everyone would work together, we would present way more possibilities as far as matches and story-lines. I would love to see more partnerships going down whether it be with Impact and AEW or Impact and ROH.”

On the WWE 24/7 Championship: “It was really cool when they had it originally back in the Attitude Era [as the Hardcore Title]. But honestly, no. I think it’s cool as a niche or short-term gimmick, but I don’t think they need to bring that back. It over saturates that market too than it already is as far as the hardcore and extreme stuff.”


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