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Brian Pillman Jr. On His Contract Status With MLW; Moving To AEW

Brian Pillman Jr was recently in conversation with Sock Monkey (h/t Wrestling Inc). During the interview, Brian Pillman Jr talked about his contract status in MLW, his possible future role in AEW, as well as quite a few other things.

While talking about his contract status with MLW, Brian Pillman Jr also explained how he was participating in AEW matches.

Brian Pillman Jr on his MLW contract; coming to AEW\

During the interview, Brian Pillman Jr revealed that he was still under contract with MLW, but was able to participate in AEW. He said that his contract with MLW was old and permitted him more freedom as to where he could compete.

"I'm pretty sure I'm still under contract with them. I've been working with whoever wants to work with me even though MLW - I'm assigned to them. It's a pretty liberal deal where I can do a lot of things, you know? I'm not super exclusive to them; some of the later ones are. [My contract] was a little older and they were more lenient on what I could do, so I'm very happy and blessed for that. I'm also able to do AEW, MLW, and OVW television all at the same time."

Brian Pillman Jr also talked about wrestling and how the internet has helped young wrestlers to get themselves over, no matter where they are wrestling. He admitted that the internet had affected his life as well, helping his wrestling career.

"It's a blessing to have the internet in these times too. It's possible for young talent to get themselves over regardless of what promotion they're at. People can express themselves, and I was able to express my story through pro wrestling and how it's affected my life and how I eventually came around to wrestling. So I think that helped with my passion and my rise in the business, you know? And my ability to work with a lot of good guys and learn I'm very blessed."

Currently, while Brian Pillman Jr is still tied to MLW, he may be wrestling full-time in AEW in the future.


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