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Brodie Lee Was AEW's 3rd Choice To Play The Exalted One

The Exalted One was teased for a long time before Brodie Lee finally showed up in AEW. The Dark Order was finally together with their leader as well, but was that the original plan?

During Talk is Jericho, Y2J revealed that AEW actually wanted Marty Scurll to be the Exalted One first. Then the plan was changed over to Matt Hardy. Finally, the decision was made that Brodie Lee needed to play that role.

“I think right off the bat, the Bucks were like, we want, I think the original plan was Marty Scurll to be the leader of the Dark Order, and then they wanted Matt Hardy, which then morphed of course to Luke Harper. So I think that you were out of the equation because they had other guys in mind.”

Things would have been very different if Marty Scurll decided to join AEW. Odds are the Villain would have found a role as the Dark Order’s leader.

Matt Hardy was also teased as the Exalted One for a while. He even had some fun with the idea on social media. It’s hard to picture the Dark Order being led by anyone other than Mr. Brodie Lee. That seemed to be the best choice in the end.

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