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Bryce Remsburg On AEW's Unrestricted Podcast

Ref Aubrey’s personal favorite referee, Bryce Remsburg, is telling stories about “Brittsburgh,” Excalibur, Shaquille O’Neal, and Eddie Kingston. He’s also sharing thoughts on Orange Cassidy’s success, his friendship with Mr. Brodie Lee, his connection with The Young Bucks that ultimately brought him to AEW, and the most ridiculous thing he’s ever been a part of inside a wrestling ring. You’ll discover how Bryce got started as a referee, what it was like refereeing an invisible man match, and what he believes has been the silver lining of the pandemic. And yes, Bryce Remsburg is his real name!

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Bryce Remsburg on Orange Cassidy’s AEW success:

“If you can be popular and people will buy your t-shirts and your merch and everything because you’re just getting by doing the bare minimum, like, that’s it! That’s what’s up! Why run when you can walk? Why exert energy when you can lay on the apron?”

Bryce Remsburg on refereeing Shaquille O’Neal’s AEW match:

“The way that happened is my height, and there’s a very jarring visual of a 5’5” referee next to a 7’1” professional wrestler!”



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