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Bully Ray On Whether Impact Wrestling Should Sign CM Punk

CM Punk is no longer All Elite, putting him on the market for any other wrestling company that might want to step forward and make an offer to bring him in. On the latest "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray expressed his belief that Impact Wrestling should rush to the front of the line to try inking Punk to a deal. 

"1000% I'd hire him," he stated emphatically. "I think Punk needs to be in an environment that he is completely comfortable in and I know for a fact he was not completely comfortable in the WWE and then whatever went down in AEW." By Bully Ray's estimation, Punk is a valuable asset to all of professional wrestling.

"If you were to put CM Punk in Impact Wrestling," Bully Ray explained, "Impact's stock would go up." Bully doesn't think there is anyone in the Impact locker room who has issues with Punk or vice versa, and he also brought up the fact that Punk visited a recent Impact taping in Chicago to hang out with friends in the locker room.

"I think that Impact and Punk could do some great business together and bring some eyes to the product," he added, believing that wrestling fans would be calling their cable and satellite providers to make sure they have AXS TV.

It's not like Bully Ray is the only one speculating about Punk's future. Fellow WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff thinks that Punk will land in WWE to put a bow on his in-ring career, speculating that Punk only has a few more years to capitalize on his name and stature.


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