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Bully Ray Returns To IMPACT Wrestling & Wins Call Your Shot Gauntlet At Bound For Glory

20-Person Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

Eric Young and Joe Hendry start things off. Hendry poses but EY attacks him from behind. Hendry comes back and slams EY around. Maclin is #3. He does a backbreaker to the knee on Hendry. Maclin and EY team up on Hendry. Swann is #4 with a double springboard cutter on EY and Maclin followed by splashes to both of them. PCO is #5 and clotheslines everyone in his way. Savannah Evans is #6. She comes face to face with PCO and shoves him. Maclin clotheslines them both. Johnny Swinger is #7 and Tasha Steelz is #8. She cutters Maclin. Steelz and Evans double team Swinger. Killer Kelly is #9. Kelly punches Maclin before Evans breaks it up. Kelly jumps on Savannah’s back with a sleeper. Steelz dumps Kelly and Evans together. #10 is Moose. He comes in and tosses out Hendry, followed by PCO. Sami Callihan is #11. Sami punches Maclin and then rakes Moose. Swinger works Tasha in the ropes. Taylor Wilde returns at #12. Wilde spins Swann around and German suplexes Maclin. #13 is Gisele Shaw. Sami grabs EY by the balls as EY’s yellow hooded goons try to interfere. One of them is Deaner and he knocks Sami out. Bully Ray is #14! Tasha Steelz gets in his face. She slaps him and he lifts her up for an elimination onto security. Tommy Dreamer is #15.

Dreamer and Bully do double elbows and hug. Rhino returns at #16 for an ECW reunion. Swinger gets involved and effectively tossed out. Gujjar is #17. Dreamer is eliminated somehow. Gujjar mixes it up with EY and Swann. Heath is #18. He hits EY and Swann with his finisher. Heath and Rhino reunite with a hug. Bobby Fish is #19. Fish kicks Heath, Moose, Swann, then strikes Bully. Matt Cardona returns at #20 as the final entrant. Moose tosses Rhino, Maclin hits Heath off followed by Moose. Cardona finally enters and meets Bully. Bully holds Cardona’s legs open for Sister Wilde to come off the top. Taylor kisses Bully and they do a “get the tables” spot. Cardona eliminates Wilde and Shaw together. Gujjar tosses Cardona before EY eliminates Gujjar.

Swann, EY, Bully, Fish, and Maclin are the final five. Swann kicks EY off the apron after EY was in 26 minutes. Everyone targets Bully. Maclin takes out Swann. Maclin throws Fish over. Bully and Maclin meet face to face for the final two. They trade punches and chops in the middle. Olympic slam by Maclin for a two count. Bully with a Urinagi, nearfall. Bully Bomb gets Bully Ray the win.

Order of eliminations:

Steelz dumps Kelly and Evans together

Moose eliminates Hendry followed by PCO

Deaner runs in and eliminates Sami Callihan for EY

Bully Ray tosses Tasha Steelz out

Swinger is tossed by ECW legends

Tommy Dreamer eliminated

Moose eliminates Rhino

Maclin eliminates Heath and Moose back to back

Cardona eliminates Wilde and Shaw together

Gujjar tosses Cardona

EY eliminates Gujjar

Swann eliminates EY

Maclin takes out Swann

Maclin throws Fish over

Bully Ray pins Steve Maclin

WINNER: Bully Ray


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