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Cary Silkin Comments On Marty Scurll's New Position In ROH, ROH Working With Other Promotions

Cary Silkin was the owner of Ring of Honor from 2004 to 2011 before Sinclair took over. He still has a role of ambassador with the company and is synonymous with ROH.

Silkin discussed ROH's upcoming Free Enterprise show in Baltimore when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"We're having this show in Baltimore which is a free show. It's gonna be so cool to have a packed building and it's a nice thing to do. It's just gonna be cool to have that vibe," said Silkin.

"We're gonna be back in New York City in April which I'm happy to return to my area. Then the WrestleMania Weekend Show – the Supercard of Honor – with KENTA coming back and other stars of New Japan coming back."

In early 2020 Marty Scurll signed a new contract with ROH in which he also was named head booker. Silkin talked about Scurll taking on a lead creative role with the company.

"Honestly, I thought Marty was going to go with his buddies at AEW," revealed Silkin. "I'm on cordial terms with him but you and I have talked longer in this conversation than we've spoken in two years. We don't hang out. But I'm so glad that Marty is staying and Delirious is still involved.

"These fences being mended – whether it's because of Marty – or because of the other companies…What it comes down to Nick, the more the merrier. How is it gonna hurt anyone by not sharing talent and working together?"

Silkin put over the improved relationships with NJPW and NWA that may or may not have anything to do with Scurll sticking around. He also noted how happy he is with some of the top re-signs like PJ Black.

"The roster is good. I like Matt Taven even though he took a lot of heat this year. I've seen him since day one and he's awesome," said Silkin. "Guys like Jay Lethal and The Briscoes – they're still so damn good. Silas, there's a laundry list of guys. It's exciting and I feel Ring of Honor's in a good spot."

Silkin has launched a new podcast called Last Drop Penn Station and on episode two he talked about the 2008 film The Wrestler which starred Mickey Rourke.

"It starred Mickey Rourke but it was supposed to star Nicholas Cage and that's what people don't know," revealed Silkin. "They brought Cage to a ROH show at the Manhattan Center but as it turned out, Cage wanted more money than the entire budget to do the movie. So, I think they made a much better decision to do the movie with Mickey Rourke.

"But there I was sitting with Nicolas Cage backstage asking me questions. You'll have to hear about it in episode 2 of Last Stop Penn Station…"


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