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Chris Hero Looks Back On The First Episode Of ROH Wrestling

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

For several years, Chris Hero was one of Ring of Honor’s most recognizable stars. While the company prepares to celebrate the 500th episode of its weekly show, “ROH Wrestling,” Hero appeared on the ROHStrong podcast. There, he reflected on his experience in the main event of the first episode. In this memorable match, The Kings of Wrestling challenged The World’s Greatest Tag Team for the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Listen here:

Hero described how this main event came at a dynamic time, as Ring of Honor was entering a new era while Hero and his partner, Claudio Castagnoli were in the process of joining WWE.

“It was a very interesting time for Ring of Honor,” said Hero. “Our contacts expired around WrestleMania of that year, and we were looking to go to WWE. We had talked with a couple people, and we were transparent with everybody. We explained what we were hoping to do, so it wasn’t anything dishonest. But what we did was, instead of signing a new contract, we just kind of had an agreement for the next couple months to kind of see how things went.

“We had our tryout, and we were just kind of finishing up, so it was just an interesting time because it was such a new chapter for Ring of Honor. And it was fascinating to be a part of that when everything is kind of coming together, but then also it’s also a bit surreal that we’re basically on our way out at the same time.”

Hero also explained that he has been waiting to return to wrestling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated that he has been patient, but he’s hopeful that “the right time” is coming.

“I miss wrestling, it’s tough,” said Hero. “I am still not completely comfortable with getting out and traveling and working on some shows. I absolutely will be back, but it’s just a matter of the right place and the right time. And I’ve been patient so far, and I don’t want to say light at the end of the tunnel, but things are definitely easing up a bit more, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out way for the rest of 2021.”

When asked, Hero explained that he would be open to returning to Ring of Honor at some point, but this possibility is not currently in the works.

“Yeah, it’s absolutely something that’s possible,” said Hero. “It’s not something that has really been discussed. Like I said, I’m not taking any bookings at the moment, I’m don’t even have anything in the future. People message me about the summer and the fall, and I’m not okay confirming anything when everything is still so up in the air. It’s absolutely not out of the question, but it is not something that is actually in the works.”


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