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Chris Jericho Blames A ‘Spy’ For Leaking Eric Bischoff’s AEW Appearance

Here’s a funny little story you only get in the midst of a pro wrestling “war” between two companies competing for the same audience.

When Eric Bischoff was scheduled to show up in AEW as a moderator for the Chris Jericho/Orange Cassidy debate, word got out beforehand. But how exactly did it get out? If we’re to believe Jericho, it was a SPY.

Here’s how he put it in his latest Saturday Night Special:

“I think the amount of people who are on social media is very small compared to the overall people watching. For example, when we had the debate and Eric Bischoff was announced on Reddit… and we know who the spy is, by the way. Oh, we know, and he’ll never fucking be back in AEW. NXT reject was the spy, so print that.”

The main point he was making is that ultimately it didn’t matter because they handled it well and people seemed to enjoy it. I just find it hilarious that he’s out here talking about spies in the organization.

You gotta love 2020.


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