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Chris Jericho Challenges EVIL To IWGP Intercontinental Match At NJPW Power Struggle

Photo Credit NJPW

After brutally assaulting EVIL in a surprise attack during The King of Darkness’ entrance yesterday, Chris Jericho officially laid out a challenge backstage of Ryogoku Sumo Hall.

Jericho’s ambush led to the scheduled match between EVIL and Zack Sabre Jr. to be declared a no contest, with EVIL unable to compete due to the severity of the beating at Jericho’s hands.

“EVIL gets his s*** in my business, he has to get involved, he has to call me out?” Jericho said, whilst pacing the halls of Sumo Hall. “This is what happens.”

He then officially laid out the challenge, saying, “You know what, EVIL, how about November 3rd? In Osaka. Edion Arena. Jericho versus EVIL, IWGP Intercontinental Championship.”

“You wanted to have a big name. You wanted to become a big star, EVIL. Congratulations, I just made you famous. Because just being in the ring with Chris Jericho puts you on a level you’ve never even seen before. I’m not even talking about Okada, or Kenny Omega, Naito, or Tanahashi…this is Chris Jericho, man! Future first-ballot Hall of Famer.

One of the most decorated champions of all time, the greatest of all time.”

Chris Jericho finished his verbal tirade with an emphatic statement:

“November 3rd, Osaka. EVIL. Dead.”

Later, he would take to Instagram in order to upload the following:

EVIL Intentions

When the camera’s cut to EVIL, the King Of Darkness was unable to comment as he struggled to make his way down the hall before entering a room to get away from the press.

Y2J has previously insulted EVIL, especially after he ran out to save LIJ leader, Naito, from a previous Jericho attack. Jericho stated that EVIL needed to “mind his own f******g business,” and promised that he held “grudges very deeply. I don’t forget. And I don’t live and let die.”

King Of Pro Wrestling saw those prophetic words come true, and we’re now set for an IWGP Intercontinental title defence next month at Power Struggle.


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