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Chris Jericho Comments On AEW's New York City Debut

Photo Credit AEW

The first-ever Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite will be held in New York City later this year.

As noted earlier, AEW President Tony Khan appeared on WFAN 660 in New York City this morning and announced that the company will make their NYC debut on Wednesday, September 22 for a live Dynamite show. The event will take place from the USTA Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is a tennis stadium located in Queens, with a capacity of just under 24,000. Tickets will go on sale Friday, July 16.

In an update, Khan spoke with Kate Feldman of The NY Daily News and revealed that the event will be called Grand Slam. He compared it recent special Dynamite events like Blood & Guts and Winter Is Coming.

This will be the AEW’s NYC debut and their first stadium show, and the first pro wrestling event to be held at the tennis complex.

“No city is more synonymous with wrestling than New York City,” Khan said. “AEW is a new company and our company is in the business of both embracing tradition and trailblazing, trying to start new traditions and new history.”

Chris Jericho also spoke with The NY Daily News and said AEW going back on the road is a “real cool end to the chapter of our lives that we all want to move on from,” referring to the COVID-19 pandemic that canceled tours and led to limited crowds, usually made up of wrestlers and extras.

Jericho called AEW’s NYC debut a celebration and a victory. He said AEW will be vindicated as the coolest pro wrestling company in the world today.

“It’s a trumpeting call that AEW is back on the road at the highest of levels. It’s ready to take control of New York City. It’s a celebration. It’s a victory,” Jericho said. “We’ll be vindicated as the coolest wrestling company in the world today. What fans can expect is what we’ve been doing, just at a higher intensity level and a higher energy level because of the people in the crowd giving us more inspiration and more energy and more reward for what we’re doing.”

The article noted that Khan has been writing every Dynamite episode himself since late 2019. They were tight-lipped about storylines for Grand Slam, but Jericho promised that it will be one of the biggest shows in AEW history.

Stay tuned for more on the Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite in NYC.


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