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Chris Jericho Denies He Will Only Wrestle For WWE In The US

Photo Credit NJPW


There is more evidence building that Chris Jericho plans to wrestle for a promotion other than WWE in the United States. Jericho has famously stated in the past that he would not wrestle for a promotion in the country other than WWE out of loyalty to Vince McMahon.

Despite this, rumors are circulating that Jericho could end up in Impact Wrestling or wrestling on the G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden next year.

Jericho recently corrected a fan on Twitter who said he would only work for a company in the United States if he has Vince McMahon’s blessing.

Chris Jericho Impact Wrestling

“While nobody will say anything,” wrote Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. “There is a lot of belief within the business than Jericho is destined to be here (Impact Wrestling) and the not wanting to do anything that would get Vince mad doctrine isn’t nearly as strong as it was months ago.”

Impact Wrestling’s Petey Williams, also commented on the possibility of Jericho coming to the promotion recently. He said he wouldn’t be shocked if Jericho shows up in Impact. Williams also said he has no direct knowledge on if he’ll be coming in, however.

Earlier this year, we spoke with Don Callis during an Impact Wrestling press conference to promote Slammiversary. I asked him about talent he’d like to bring in to the promotion. His answer suggested he’s looking to bring in the biggest names he can.

“There’s a young Canadian kid I like, we’d love to sign him,” Callis said. “His name is Kenny Omega. Another is Chris Jericho.”


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