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Chris Jericho Reveals Details On The Creation Of AEW’s Inner Circle

AEW champ Chris Jericho talked about the creation of his faction Inner Circle this week and revealed other members who were pitched for the group.

The latest episode of Talk is Jericho features an interview with stablemate Sammy Guevara and the topic of conversation drifts to how the group came to be.

“Tony’s original name, I can’t remember what it was, I didn’t like it as much,” Jericho explained to Guevara. “Then I came up with the idea of a fist, which would be five fingers forms a fist, and I thought it would just be some cool merch. Tony didn’t care for that one, but I had done something for BTE (Being The Elite) where I mentioned my inner circle and The Bucks said ‘that’s a cool name, what about The Inner Circle?'”

Once they locked down the name, creative began coming up with who should be in the group.

“One of the ideas originally was The Lucha Brothers and I thought they were too much like superheroes. I wanted killers and Santana and Ortiz were perfect,” said Jericho.

“I suggested MJF, but it was like we should keep him on his own, and then your name was mentioned,” he told Guevara. “Perfect, Sammy’s great. Now we need a big guy, who’s it going to be? They wanted to use a boxer they had just signed from the UK and I was like ‘nah he’s not big enough.’ I said ‘Hager’s the guy.’ So we got him. So that’s kinda the whole get together was very much each guy plays a role and has a certain part within the system of the circle.”

The boxer in question is Anthony Ogogo, whose signing was announced in October.

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