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Chris Jericho Reveals What Vince McMahon Told Him After Hearing About ALL IN

Photo Credit Still Real To US

During a recent edition of Talk is Jericho (via WrestleInc), Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes spoke about the big All In show. Here are some highlights…

Jericho on What Vince McMahon Told Him After Hearing About All In : “Speaking about Vince [McMahon], I told Vince about All In four or five months ago,” Jericho revealed to Rhodes during the podcast. “We were just discussing it, shooting the breeze and I go, ‘yeah the show is in September in Chicago.’ Vince is like, ‘ah I wish they would have called me. September is the worst time of the year to promote — it’s terrible!’ “I’m like, you’re got old-school forty years of promoting and [he says] ‘they should have called me.'”

Cody Joking About Calling Vince: “Hey Vince, it’s Cody, I’ve got the Young Bucks on the phone,” Cody imagined. “They have a couple of questions about promoting in the fall.”

Cody on Warnings From Cary Silken: “It’s funny because another seasoned promoter/ ticket broker Cary Silken implored us — I mean laid into us — saying ‘you can’t go on sale on Sunday.’ You can’t and you gotta do a presale and we had already announced the ship had already sailed — he kept going — and we saw him a few weeks after the sell-out in thirty minutes and he just [said] ‘I was so wrong.'”


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