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Chris Jericho's Next Possible NJPW Opponent

Photo Credit Ghetto187

Following Saturday’s NJPW Power Struggle event, Tetsuya Naito mentioned in a post match interview after his victory over Zack Sabre Jr that he’s going to be Jericho’s next challenger, no matter what the champion says.

Jericho is also shown in the footage below and said he’s “not facing Naito again, ever.” It will be interesting to see if the match again.

“Naito, he’s a coward. I beat you Naito right here in this shithole. I won this championship and there’s not going to be a rematch. Not at the Tokoyo Dome, not at the Currigan Hall, Not in Madison Square Garden, no where. “

For those not keeping track, Jericho defeated Naito back in April for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.

Let's see what in-store for Jericho as time progresses.


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