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Chris Jericho Talks The Possibility Of Dean Ambrose Signing With AEW

Photo Credit WWE

Dean Ambrose finished up with WWE last weekend and was moved to the WWE Alumni section on Thursday. Ambrose's next move is not known, however he hinted at walking away from the business for a while.

Chris Jericho had a memorable feud with Ambrose in WWE in 2016. While promoting his appearance this Saturday at the For the Love of Wrestling convention, Jericho talked with The Express about the possibility of Ambrose signing with AEW. Jericho noted that Ambrose would fit right in with the upstart company.

"Same way he did in WWE," Jericho said. "He's a star, he's a great performer, he's a great character. I think he would mix right in with those guys.

"When you get a great performer, it doesn't matter what company they were before because they're in a top level."

While Ambrose is no longer working for WWE, Jericho says that he has not contacted him about signing with AEW.

"I have not [contacted Ambrose], Jericho said. "Only Dean knows what Dean wants.

"It's a grind, and not just the physical aspect of it but there's a mental standpoint. It's hard to work matches sometimes four days a week, five days a week. Sometimes you need a break from the business.

"I'm sure if he wants to come to AEW he'd be more than welcome."


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