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Christian Cage Starts Possible New Feud In His AEW Dynamite Debut

At last Sunday’s AEW Revolution it was revealed Christian Cage was the company’s big signing. Cage came out to the ring, signed his contract, and made his way to the back without saying a word.

On tonight’s Dynamite, Christian was supposed to talk with Tony Schiavone, but before he could come out, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers took over the ring. Omega and Callis cracked some jokes about Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, which eventually brought Kingston out to the ring.

A brawl went down between Kingston Moxley, Omega, and The Good Brothers, which led to Christian coming out to the ring. Omega was alone in the ring as Christian talked some trash with the champion. Omega offered up a handshake, Christian passed, and Omega took a swing at him. Christian ducked and looked to drop Omega with The Unprettier, but Callis pulled the champion out of the ring to safety.

Christian then picked up the title and gave it a good long look before walking to the back, potentially setting up a future feud between the two.


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