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Christopher Daniels On ROH's Upcoming Madison Square Garden Show

Photo Credit ROH

Christopher Daniels is a man that every wrestling fan has to respect.

The 'King of the Indies' has been wowing audiences for over 25 years now and is has been a staple of both TNA and Ring of Honor since around 2002.

He is one of three men (AJ Styles, Samoa Joe) to be part of TNA’s only Dave Meltzer 5-star rated match (for what that's worth), and was twice rated as having the tag team of the year, first with Styles in 2006 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) and again in 2012 with Kazarian by Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

He also was a part of ROH's first ever main event alongside Low Ki and Daniel Bryan, so if there is any man who can understand the gravity of Ring of Honor running a show at Madison Square Garden next year - hallowed turf of the WWE's - it's him.

Ring of Honor will be running the G1 Supercard with New Japan Pro Wrestling at MSG in April of next year and it represents a significant statement for the once-viewed 'indie' promotion.

So what did the ROH locker room think when the announcement was made? GiveMeSport caught up with the former ROH world champion to get his thoughts.

"I think everybody is excited about the possibility, the opportunity of going to MSG [Madison Square Garden]. It's like you said, it's hallowed ground, a lot of the guys that are from the north east grew up watching wrestling and a lot of them went to MSG as kids to watch the WWF.

"And now, to think there is an opportunity for us to walk the isle, to perform in Madison Square Garden - it's a historic thing," Daniels said. "It's been a very long time since someone who isn't WWE has run a show there. We're all looking forward to it and I'm sure we're going to do great.

It's great to see that happening for him. I was a big fan of his work when he was in the WWE and to see the change from the 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes, Stardust to what he is now, it's pretty cool to know that he bet on himself and now is succeeding in a way a lot of people want in their own career - it's cool to know that he is making it happen."

Tickets for Ring of Honor's G1 Supercard event with NJPW will go on-sale on Wednesday, August 8 at 10:00 AM ET and this is sure to be a historic event not to be missed.


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