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Clarification On Tessa Blanchard's IMPACT Contract Expiring

Impact Wrestling is bringing TNA back to the company and plans to continue using the branding. Tessa Blanchard is the current Impact World Champion, but she’s stuck in Mexico due to the novel coronavirus destroying the order of life as we know it.

There are rumors floating around that Blanchard’s Impact Wrestling contract is running up soon. Mike Johnson added some clarity during PW Insider Elite audio. Impact Wrestling stated that the rumors aren’t correct, but they neglected to provide the actual amount of time left on Tessa Blanchard’s contract. “There are a lot of rumors floating around about Tessa Blanchard’s deal coming up. We are told a lot of stuff out there isn’t actually correct, but the same people would not give us clarification on when her deal expires. That’s gonna be a wait and see on that one. There are plans for her to return and defend that championship very soon.” Tessa Blanchard could have Moose to battle when she returns. He showed up at Rebellion as the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Since Impact Wrestling has two big titles in the picture it only seems logical that Moose vs Blanchard is in the card. Blanchard and Moose are good friends outside of the ring and have been for years. She tagged with the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion against Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Drip Drip in recent memory. You can check out that action below.


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