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CM Punk Crowned New AEW World Champion At Double Or Nothing

AEW World Championship: Hangman Page (c) vs. CM Punk

Punk and Hangman go nose-to-nose to start the bout, as the animosity is quite apparent. They lock up and feel each other out. Punk rubs his taped wrist across Page’s face. The crowd loudly cheers for both men as they battle for positioning. Punk gains an early advantage, but Page fires back with some stomps in the corner. They trade strikes, and Punk sends Hangman into a turnbuckle spine-first. Punk slams Hangman and hits a diving crossbody, but Page rolls through and hits a fallaway slam. Page dives onto Punk outside the ring. Hangman sends Punk crashing into the barricade and grinds his face into the steel steps.

Page plays to the crowd and exchanges strikes with Punk. He drills the challenger with a rolling elbow and whips Punk chest-first into the corner. Punk has an early Buckshot Lariat attempt scouted. Hangman powerbombs Punk onto the apron to maintain the upper hand. Page hits a flying lariat for a two count. Punk superplexes the champion, and both men are down. The challenger hits his signature knee/bulldog combination. He nails the springboard clothesline, but Page counters a Sharpshooter attempt. He also evades a GTS attempt, but Punk gets a two count with a neck breaker. Page hits a diving moonsault to the outside and lands awkwardly on his leg. Punk counters the Buckshot Lariat and locks in the Sharpshooter, but Hangman reaches the ropes. Punk goes for a Buckshot Lariat, but he slips. Hangman goes for the GTS, but Punk gets out of it. Punk hits the Buckshot Lariat for a two count.

Page powerbombs Punk and hits the Deadeye for a two count. Hangman mocks Punk’s “Go to Sleep” taunt, but Punk counters the GTS attempt. The challenger rocks Page with a roundhouse kick, but Hangman hits the GTS for a near fall. The two competitors trade blows. Page clotheslines Punk out of the ring and throws him onto the broadcast table. He grabs the title and tells Punk it’s his. He poses, and the crowd boos him. Punk counters the Buckshot Lariat and goes for the GTS, but Hangman accidentally kicks the referee. Page floors Punk with a lariat. The referee is down, and Hangman looks at the title belt. He grabs it, but he hesitates and ultimately puts it down. He goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Punk counters and hits the GTS for the win.

Winner and new AEW World Champion: CM Punk


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