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Cody Rhodes Explains How All In: Zero Hour “Over Budget Battle Royal” Is Being Paid For

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The All In: Zero Hour “Over Budget Battle Royal” isn’t just a name, Cody Rhodes says they had to pre-sell items from the upcoming event to collectors in order to make it happen.

On the latest episode of All Us, Rhodes talks about how they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to broadcast part of All In on WGN America … even though they had maxed out their budget. 

Luckily, they came up with an idea to get more funds. 

Cody explained, “When you look at the ring for the entire show – you look at the canvas, you look at the aprons, the buckles, all the soft goods that make up a professional wrestling ring – know that I sold each and every one of them to various collectors so that I could afford the Over Budget Battle Royal.”

The Over Budget Battle Royal will be part of “All In: Zero Hour,” which will air exclusively on WGN America beginning at 6pm ET. The winner receives an ROH title shot on the actual pay-per-view.

Watch the video below (budget talk starts around 5 minutes in). 


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