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Cody Rhodes On If Social Media Is Good For Wrestling, Who Is Eligible For TNT Title Open Challenge

Last weekend at Double or Nothing, Cody defeated Lance Archer to become the first-ever AEW TNT Champion. The following Dynamite, Cody announced he'll be defending the title every week in an Open Challenge format.

Earlier today on Twitter, Cody did a quick Q&A with fans and confirmed that anyone — even those outside of AEW — could answer the challenge.

As noted, former WWE Superstar, Zack Ryder has already teased wanting a shot. Jungle Boy won last week's Battle Royal and will be the first to challenge Cody for his title on this week's show.

During the Q&A, Cody was also asked if social media had made pro wrestling better or worse.

"BETTER. Whole brands have been built," Cody wrote. "The negative is that we are the guinea pig generation to it, and most folks can't quantify it's actual penetration. 10 people tweeting 10,000 times versus 10,000 people. Debates are different online, as well (as reason and logic < clapbacks)."


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