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Court Bauer Comments On Davey Richards Being In MLW, Calls Him A Locker Room Leader

MLW CEO Court Bauer truly appreciates Davey Richards for what he brings to Major League Wrestling in and out of the ring.

During an appearance on Under the Ring, Court Bauer spoke about Richards’ value to MLW and praised his match with MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone at MLW SuperFight 2022.

“One of the biggest goals I had, when we came out of the pandemic, is to have high-end, high-caliber wrestling matches on the top of the card down to the bottom,” said Bauer. “We’ve always had our projects, we’ve had guys at different stages of their career, but I really wanted to up the quality of the in-ring. And in our open draft last June, Davey Richards and having him come into MLW and signing with us, and since then he’s been so happy he signed an extension, speaks to that.

“And he’s been such a great contributor in the locker room as a leader and in the ring with his work. He’s been fantastic and along with Hammerstone, those two had one of my favorites, if not my favorite, matches in MLW history dating back to 2002. I’m really proud of what they did out there. That was like a 25-minute classic, and Charlotte was the perfect city to host it, too. There’s so much history, and they just embraced a match like that.”

MLW is currently gearing up for the Kings of Colosseum taping on May 13; more information is available here.

More recently, Bauer and Richards had an exchange on Twitter where the MLW owner praised Richards’ skills as a first responder. Richards has been studying to become a doctor (and working as a paramedic during his time away from the ring) and was reportedly on-scene to help during a recent situation involving Los Parks. According to a recent report from Fightful Select, Richards tended to the talent that needed medical care after the stable went into business for themselves and injured Jacob Fatu and Alex Hammerstone.

Richards and Bauer referenced the incident in their exchange:

“Shout out to @courtbauer for taking the safety of his talent VERY seriously. A bad situation was immediately handled by him,” Richards wrote. “Very proud to be part of his @mlw team!”

“Man, my job was easy. What you did? That was some real hero shit,” Bauer replied. “Thank you for dropping everything and giving our friends in need immediate medical attention. You put them at peace and treated them with great care. Grateful for you in @MLW. #MrMLW


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