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CYN Wants To Unite With Other Independent Promotions

The following is a press release from Control Your Narrative regarding the company’s latest initiative:

CONTROL YOUR NARRATIVE (CYN) is proposing a unique concept of co-pros to reputable independent wrestling promotions nationwide. To “Control Your Narrative” is to tell your story. CYN is the platform for your brand, performers, and fans to tell their story. The opportunity for those to show the wrestling world the vast arrays of talent yet to be seen nationally on weekly TV.⁣

CYN, through their partnership with “Pro Wrestling TV”, is building a platform for regional promotions to become nationally known.⁣

⁣This idea was sparked by cofounder “ec3.” “I am often asked by up and coming talent ‘what does it take to get noticed? To get to the next level?’ When I couldn’t clearly answer this question, I realized that it was necessary to create an answer.” states ec3.⁣

“My vision is collaboration, alliance, and to ‘Unite The Brands.” ⁣

In a copromotion, CYN is bringing its array of ‘star power’ including CYN Cofounder Adam Scherr, television capabilities, and unique brand to give your talent the spotlight to shine. “We are not copromoting so two of your talents get the opening match, and then move on. We are collaborating stars of the future have opportunity to compete with some of the best in the world, and get the experience necessary to take them to the next level” Scherr states. ⁣

⁣The Arise tour is visiting over 20 cities in 6 different regions across the nation. Each stop being filmed for a weekly television on PWTV the opportunities for the undiscovered will be endless. Most recently CYN coproed events with top-notch independent promotion, AML with very successful results. CYN/AML will be available on PWTV very soon.⁣

This beneficial copromotion will allow your brand and CYN to collaborate on talent, social media boosts, cutting edge content, sponsorships, and most importantly story. Notable promotions have already joined CYN to collaborate with this inclusive vision of professional wrestling, and all are welcome. If you want the opportunity, “All you have to do is knock.”⁣

Together we can elevate the industry⁣

-create something that will last.⁣

-we can #UniteTheBrands

Join us and Contact: ⁣⁣

It’s worth noting that tickets for events on the Control Your Narrative fall tour are still on sale. You can get your tickets to one of these events by clicking here.


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